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Best travel destinations for whale watching in the world:

Best travel destinations for whale watching

If traveling is what you love best then you are probably always in the lookout for exciting and enjoyable places which you can visit. What can be more exciting than watching the powerful whales up close? There are several places around the world where you will get to watch whales for hours and understand a lot more about this powerful sea mammal. The tourism industry of some countries have profited hugely from the money they make by arranging whale watching sessions for eager travelers. People of all ages have curiosity about this giant sea species. At different places you will get to watch different types of whales, native to the nearby sea. People travel from far away countries to reach the location from where whale watching is possible. Watching the whales in action is a fantastic experience that anyone can enjoy. These gigantic animals have enhanced the tourism of many small port cities and locales. In the following you will find a list of places where you can travel for watching whales for hours.

South Africa:

The majestic and mysterious South Africa will become your favorite destination if you are into whale watching. It is surrounded on three sides by the sea and there is a long route along the coast which is followed by the whales. The whale route is more than 1200 miles long. You can visit any place between Cape Town to Durban along the coast for watching the whales pass. The Atlantic and Indian Oceans have a very huge variety of sea animals. You will be able to see the whales of different types and dolphin from the shores. The most frequently spotted whales are the Humpback Whales and Southern Right Whales. But you must visit the right place at the right time of the year. In South Africa, Hermanus is considered the best place for whale watching and you have to go there between June to November.


Spain’s natural beauty and hip towns attract a lot of travelers but now days whale watching has also become a crowd puller in Spain. The best inland spot for watching the whales is definitely the Bay of Biscay. The Spanish islands are more famous among the whale watchers. If you travel to the Tenerife island of Spain then you will get to watch a lot of bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales that swim by. The water around this island is warm and attracts these beautiful sea animals throughout the year.

Los Cabos, Mexico:

Along with wonderful resorts, white sand beaches and a spectacular blue sea view you will also get to watch whales at Los Cabos, the Mexican beach city. If you go there between January to April then you will get to see lots of Humpback Whales. The Humpbacks migrate at this time of the year from Alaska to warmer zones like Baja California.

Kaikoura, New Zealand:

If you want to catch sight of the sperm whales then you must pay a visit to the town of Kaikoura. You have to travel to the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island. It is not just a place for watching the whales but it has also achieved great fame for being an ecotourism center. Sperm whales can be seen all year long but you will get to see the Humpbacks only in June and July. If you go there between December to March then you will be able to spot the Orca.

The Azores, Portugal:

If you are truly interested in Sea creatures and want to learn about the lives of people who earn their livelihood from it then The Azores islands should be in your must-visit list. The Azores are a bunch of small islands of Portugal located at the centre of Atlantic sea. The people here have great knowledge about whales and other sea animals. You will be able to spot whales on the stretch of water between Faial and Pico islands. The best time to visit The Azores is between April and October.


The time for whale watching at Hawaii draws near as winter starts. Thousands of travelers go to Hawaii each winter in search of warmth just like the migrating Humpback whales who pass the coast of this beach city. Go to Hawaii any time between November to April for watching the Whales in action above and underneath the water. The water is quite transparent near the coast and you will be able to see the whales below the sea surface.

Quebec, Canada:

Quebec is famous for whale watching because here you will get to see two very rare and almost endangered species of whale. You will get to see the North Atlantic Right Whale and Beluga whales here. The best time for visiting is between May and October.

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