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Chilling Holidays: Coldest travel destinations in the world:

Yakutsk, Russia

People often cannot make their mind if they should take their vacation at the mountains or at the coastal regions. Beach lovers fail to understand why some people always go to the chilly mountains for their holidays. The truth is that we all enjoy the white snow covered landscapes, skiing and cups of hot chocolates by the fire side. Christmas, the most popular and widely celebrated festival comes in winter and we cannot think of celebrating it during summer. Chilling holidays can surely be fun if you choose your destination with care and take proper precautions. There are many places where you can spend a shivering summer. You must do some personal research and find out the pros and cons of a certain cold region before traveling. In the following some of the best chilly places have been compiled in the form of a list for your help.

Verkhoyansk, Russia:

There was a time when hardened criminals and culprits were sent to the extremely cold Verkhoyansk in Russia. It is located well inside the infamous Siberia which has become synonymous to painful cold climate. In 1638 the Tsars of Russia made a fort here for extra protection from enemy countries. At present it is used for animal rearing and gold mining. The average approximate temperature in January is -50.4 degree Fahrenheit. From October to April the temperature stays well below the freezing point. You need a huge lot of warm clothing for staying alive at this place. Travel some 404 miles from Yakutsk and you will reach Verkhoyansk.

Rogers Pass, Montana, US:

If you have interest in migrating animals and birds then Rogers Pass is the place you should be when it is the right season. Travel to the northern part of Montana, an US state, for reaching this pass through which various different birds and animals move to reach warmer regions in winter. If you really want to feel the chill then visit Rogers pass in the months of March or April. The lowest recorded temperature at this place is an astonishing -56.5 degree centigrade or -69.7 degree Fahrenheit. Pack lots of woolen and furry clothes for protection from clothes. If you are on time then you will get to see the beautiful Bald Eagle, Golden Eagle and Snow Geese along with many other migrating animals and birds.

Barrow, Alaska:

Generally tourists do not travel to Barrow when they plan a trip to Alaska. It is located above the Arctic Circle and that means you will have to travel some 300 miles north after crossing the Arctic Circle to reach there. After visiting the Glacier Bay and Denali National Park, Barrow should be your next destination in Alaska. The city stays in darkness during the time between November and January. You can get a glimpse of the mesmerizing northern lights from here. The temperature stays below -28 degree centigrade almost always.

Snag, Yukon, Canada:

Yukon is one of the coldest regions of Canada and Snag is a chilly destination that should be on every cold lovers travel list. It is basically a small village. It falls on the way to Alaska from Canada, at the side of the Alaska Highway. The White River has created a bowl like valley in Yukon and this small and cold village is located just there. Frost and powerful cold wind are the two features of the climate and the temperature often drops to -65C.

Yakutsk, Russia:

Yakutsk, Russia

The coldest city of our earth is definitely a must visit place for every hard core traveler. It is located between Kamchatka and the extremely risky Siberia. Despite of the heavy snowfall and very low temperature you will find that Yakutsk has everything that a city can offer. Your time will be well spent at the multitude of theaters, museums and zoo. The temperature of this city at the bank of Yana River becomes as low as -81.4 F.

Hell, Norway:

When you get down at the train station of this chilly town in Norway you will find yourself looking at the ominous ‘Hell’ sign attached to the fire orange colored train station house. You should go there between December to March for catching the chill in your bones. It is a beautiful locale with a handful of residents. Hell is often considered hot with burning fire pits but the Hell in Norway is covered with snow for a long period of time each year.

Vostok, Antarctica:

Vostok is of course the coldest place according to all reputable records and scientific measurements. Traveling to Vostok takes a lot of guts as this place is not where people can inhabit on a regular basis. August is surprisingly the month when the temperature is lowest in Vostok. It is under Russia for research purposes. You must get yourself checked by a physician and have the proper permits for visiting this place.

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