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Adventure activities to do in San Sebastian, Spain

Adventure activities to do in San Sebastian, Spain

Do you want to get yourself free from your daily hectic life schedule? This is the time to get indulge with the treasure of San Sebastian in Spain to see its scenic beauty and local lives of people staying there. When the summer vacation of kids starts, they expect to spend some time with their parents away from their studies. Even the parents could manage to dedicate quality time to their kids once they are away from their work schedule. At the San Sebastian tour in Spain you can enjoy the hike a stunning stretch of the coastline. Get indulge with wine in your hand in a sophisticated bar.

 Highlights of the tour

  • You can discover the beautiful scenery by hiking around the coastal paths of San Sebastian
  • It is really great to take a boat ride to its neighboring town where you can easily discover another phase of the local life.
  • If you have never been to San Sebastian, you will be happy to discover the breath taking view of St James way that lies in Basque country
  • The tourist guide will take you to such roads which is less travelled by people so atht you can avoid the crowd and discover some secret spots that lies in San Sebastian
  • The tourists will get the opportunity to nibble at Basque tapas while sipping the local wine

The style of tour

This tour will help you find out the local life of the people, nature as well as culture. The tour authority will include return boat crossing pass, a wonderful tourist who can speak and understand both English as well as other local languages.

The tour package will exclude the sum if you want to pay some tips to the tourist guide and the money spends on the items which are personal in nature.

Group size and other information

The tourist guide will be able to take total of 12 people at a time in a trip. The entire tour will be completed within the period of 5- 6 hours.  The meeting point for all tourists will be at Mariaren Bihotza Ikastola. The hint is also given to all the tourist in order to reach the particular spot. You can see the AVIA petrol station lying just next door to the church.

The tour will start exactly at 8:30 am in the morning. Thus, all the tourists must be cautious about the fact and try their level best to reach on time.

You also need to be specific in handing over the voucher to the local guide in the beginning of the tour. San Sebastian Urban Adventures must be contacted 24 hours prior to the tour for making a confirmation of booking.

Important information

If the weather condition in the area of San Sebastian is not favorable, the tour authority will not take the risk of running the trip. You will rather get full refund for the money or you can exchange this tour with any other tour package.

Dress standard

Since you need to go up for hiking in the hills, wearing comfortable shoes and clothing will be very important. If you want to take your children to this tour, their age must be more than 12 years.


The hiking tour of San Sebastian will show you the beauty of Basque country. You will be able to have a look at the epic views of local hidden gems and epic views in one of the part of Spain.  To make a kick start to the San Sebastian tour, the tourist guide will take you out of the town and stand up at Ulia Mountain. From there you can get the wonderful view before you start with the activity of hiking at St James way. You will be guided by the local guide to have a look at the scintillating points of interest.

The next destination in the tour will be a way towards the light house of La Plata. This is a place from where you can easily head down to the Pasaia San Pedro. You will be able to discover some wonderful cultures and traditions and ride on the boat across the se.  You can breathe in the fresh air and look at the wonderful scenery.

Tourist will be able to enjoy the wicked view of the coastlands ad well as mountains and then have some drink in the bar that lies in the port side of Santiago square. You will be able to view the place from where the Victor Hugo got the inspiration.


[googlemap src=”https://maps.google.co.in/maps?q=San+Sebasti%C3%A1n,+Spain&hl=en&ie=UTF8&ll=43.323554,-1.979599&spn=0.088417,0.209255&sll=41.152808,28.986053&sspn=0.732092,1.674042&oq=san+s&hnear=San+Sebasti%C3%A1n,+Gipuzkoa,+Basque+Country,+Spain&t=m&z=13″ width=”600″ height=”400″ align=”aligncenter” ]

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