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Best hidden places in Istanbul, Turkey

Best hidden places in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, the beautiful capital of Turkey has some unique icons and several hidden spots that make the city very captivating. 

Details of Urban Adventures

Urban Adventures is Global Tour Company working with local teams. The offices of this tour company are found in more than 80 countries in the world. The tour offered by them are small day tours that take the tourists   behind the  destinations to explore and reveal the hidden gems in the form of art, buildings , monuments and local delicacies of the city.

  • Urban Adventures are tour organizers
  • who operate responsible tours in the cities of Turkey and also in cities of other countries.
  •  The duration of the tour is about 4 hours with local English speaking guide.  They manage to arrange for enjoyable trips to travellers and give them an opportunity to interact with the local people.
  • Dress standards for the tour are conservative and tourists are expected to wear modest dresses which mean that the clothes should cover the shoulders and knees of both men and women.  The ladies are expected to have their heads covered with a scarf that is easily available in the markets.
  • Children below the age of 6 are not allowed to join the tour.
  • Urban Adventures Tour takes small groups of 12 persons.


The 4 hour walking tour takes the tourist to explore the very different sites of Istanbul. The local guides impart the knowledge of Islam while passing through the mosques. One gets to explore new things in the bazaar and taste the local food.

The tour starts from Aye Sofya which is a mosque turned from the famous Byzantine church. Now it is converted into a museum exhibiting the art of the east and the west. The tour moves to the Hippodrome of Meydani. It is a place where the Byzatines held chariot races.A little ahead is the Blue Mosque which is the landmark of Istanbul. Then one proceeds to Divanyolu which was named as the road to Rome by Emperor Constantine. The next step is into the Grand bazaar and onto the local markets where one sees the famous Old Book Bazaar. Nearby is the Beyazit camii Mosque with its beautiful stone and wood carving and colourful stained glass windows. One gets an opportunity to pass through the Istanbul University which was built by the reforming Ottoman Sultans and is now a place to learn about the modern education system of Turkey.

The next visit is to the magnificent Mosque of Suleyman which gives a fantastic view of the city from its garden. In the busy trading area lie the crumbling Byzantine buildings and the relics of Ottomon architecture. Nearby is the hidden Rustem Pasha Mosque. The local guide tells a number of stories related to the merchants of the past and the area.

The authentic Turkish delight is visible in the Spice market where one learns the art of Turkish cooking and also relishes the local food. The tour ends at the Ominous Port near the Galta Bridge.

Highlights of the Hidden Istanbul Tour

Discovering of the secrets haunts of locals in Sultanahmet and exploring the back streets   and hidden gems

  •  A walk into  the ancient highway to Rome “Divanyolu”
  • Exploring Aya Sofya and other mosques with localites and learning the basics of Islam.
  • Listening to the stunned tales of Byzantine and Ottoman drama.
  • Exploring  the hidden treasures of the  Grand Bazaar

Few Historic Sites of Istanbul

Anadolu Hisari is one of the most Ottoman sites amongst the historic sites. It is   a castle built by the Ottoman Sultan Beyazid I.

Beyerbeyi Palace is one of the most picturesque sites of Istanbul.

Dolmabahce Palace was the royal residence in the 19th century.

Galata Tower is a tower that gives the best view of the city to the tourists and has been used as a jail, fortress and observatory

Haidar Pasha Cemetry is the resting place of many Crimen war soldiers who lost their lives at the British Army hospital.

Istanbul Archeological Museum is a fascinating place that has about a million exhibits from different cultures and periods.

Istanbul Maritime Museum houses a variety of ships, weapons, works of arts from a number of cultures and civilizations.

Rumeli Fortress is one of the most impressive sites of Istanbul.  It was constructed as a part of the Conquerors campaign to capture Constantine. It has been converted into a museum now.

Yedikule Zindarlari is a medieval Byzantine fort amongst several military fortifications found in Istanbul.


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