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European countries that deserve a place in your travel itinerary

European countries that deserve a place in your travel itinerary

Traveling is all about living life in hundreds of ways – all at the same time. It is about opening up the horizons, noticing the tranquil beauty as well as enjoying nightclubs while socializing. Traveling in Europe guarantees you several things, including historic visits, delightful delicacies, romantic getaways and serene scenery, coupled with memorable memories.

Europe is probably the friendliest tourist destinations in the world. This continent has so many countries that a traveler would love to visit, but some of them worth mentioning for sure. Here is a compilation of top ten most exciting European cities that will certainly enchant you!

  1. Italy: Italy is virtually a heaven on earth. With a glorious past, excellent architecture, delicious delicacies and desserts, the country tops our list. Moreover, the culture and countryside of the country are quite alluring. A paradise for romantics, the city of Venice is a must-visit in Italy.
  2. Albania: Not too far away from Italy, Albania boasts of amicable hospitality, countryside and beautiful beaches. If you wish for some secluded, solitary time or hope to spend some romantic time with your lover, then this is the country you should be in.
  3. Switzerland: Featured in endless number of movies, Switzerland is place worth visiting once in a lifetime. The tranquility of its snow-clad mountains, the mesmerizing views of its lakes and its adventure sports make it a popular tourist destination. And, as Bollywood showcases it, this is the best place for a fairy tale wedding and honeymoon.
  4. Greece: With its amazing beaches, enthralling history and exciting culture, Greece stands 4th on the list. You can enjoy partying at the beaches or roam around like a typical art buff in the city of Athens.
  5. Germany: The birthplace of Einstein and Mozart, Germany is one of the best places to enjoy art and culture. The city of Berlin is known for its magnificence, coalmines and Berlin Wall, while rest of the country has several edifices, landscapes and cityscapes to lure you. Don’t forget the bike rides when you visit here.
  6. France: So much has been said about France, but still there is something new that can always be added up to this country. With a heart for fashion, arts and romance, the country is known for its diversity, art, food, and shopping. Visiting Paris is a must.
  7. Spain: If socializing and adventure sports are on your mind, then there is no place better than Spain. Its white sand beaches, friendly people, amazing sports and history make it a must visit place. And of course, the country is host to a number of festivals which further make it an interesting option for travelers.
  8. United Kingdom: With a powerful history, amazing culture and excellent options for every traveler, UK stands at number eighth on this list. The country has several galleries, shopping districts, museums, sceneries, food and amazing culture to lure the travelers.
  9. Austria: The heart of Europe, Austria is not just a safe country, but also homelike. If fresh air, bike rides and exploration are what you seek, then this is the place to be.
  10. Netherlands : Youngsters might just find Netherlands a more interesting place than other European destinations because the country is home to city of Amsterdam. Filled with Pubs, nightclubs, restaurants, art galleries and museums, Amsterdam is one of the best places to visit in Netherlands. If you want to get the taste of village life, then towns and villages in Netherlands warmly open their gates to interested visitors.

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