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Kerala is regarded as heaven of India with its entire natural atmosphere with variety of food available in southern part of India. The beauty of backwaters is appreciated by thousands of people visiting Kerala. You can also experience the local […]

Kerala backwater tour pacakge – Attractions to see at Kerala backwater

Jainism is traditionally known as jaina dharma which is an Indian religion. It prescribes a way of non violence and equality between all living beings. The word Jainism is taken from the Sanskrit verb Jin which means “to conquer”. These

Amazing jain temples in india

The beautiful and tranquil Andaman Islands are a group of more than 200 islands located in the Bay of Bengal. The Andaman Islands are one of the major tourist attractions in India inhabited by ancient tribes that today remain as

Andaman Islands: Waiting to be explored!

The wedding destinations no doubt should have a special charm appealing enough to the couple and guests from either side. The bride and groom’s family and invitees should get all the gratifications they are looking for. The setting must be

Top Five Wedding Destinations in the world

The very words ‘Haunted Destinations’ pop up a spooky atmosphere. The sudden hoot of an owl or perhaps the distant wail of a pack of jackals may rightly describe what the destination would be like. Paranormal incidents with an element

Top five haunted destinations of the world that you should see

1)      NAMDAPHA WILD LIFE SANCTUARY(Arunachal Pradesh , India) The break of dawn is a little earlier here filling the atmosphere with the shrill chatter of Hoolock Gibbons.  The sky is almost blocked out of visibility owing to a thick canopy

Five Thrilling jungle safari spots with a primitive touch

The TajMahal One of the world’s greatest monument standing one among the seven wonders and a pride to India is TajMahal. It was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan to express his love towards his wife Muntazmahal. She desired Shah

Top travel destinations in india - best places to visit in India

Bikaner is a city in the Thar desert area of Rajasthan and it is mostly famous due to the camels as the city consists of country’s largest Camel research and breeding farm. Bikaner camel festival is an annual festival conducted

Bikaner camel festival, Rajasthan at India

Hot-air balloon festival 2014 When: December 2013 to January 2014 Where: Karnataka, India A special festival where every eye tilts upwards and looks at the extravaganza of colorful balloons in the sky. The festival is all loaded with fun, ballons,

Bhai Dooj which is also called as Bhai Tika, Bhau-Beej and Bhai pota is a Hindu festival celebrated in India on the fifth day of Diwali festival, which is the second day of new moon. The celebrations of this festival 

Bhai dooj, bhaiya dooj festival celebrations in India
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