Kerala backwater tour pacakge – Attractions to see at Kerala backwater


Kerala is regarded as heaven of India with its entire natural atmosphere with variety of food available in southern part of India. The beauty of backwaters is appreciated by thousands of people visiting Kerala. You can also experience the local life of people residing in Kerala in the heart of southern India.

Highlights of the Kerala Tour

  • You can experience the local culture of people residing in Kerala along with the custom
  • It will be mesmerizing to explore the backwaters of Kerala
  • You can walk through the local vegetation and rice paddles
  • It is also amazing to enjoy traditional lunch through the local host family

Tour style

It include visit to market, culture, food cuisine as well as local life.

Within the tour package, you will be able to get a local tour guide having the knowledge of English. Along with it, you can also get the lunch and tea.


Something would be excluded from the list. This includes gratitude for the guide and drivers, items which are personal in nature etc.

Group size and other information

There will be maximum of 12 people within the tour package. The total time taken for the tour is 8 hours. You need to be placed at a common meeting point according to the tourist guide. The meeting point will be Intrepid Kaleeveedu, which is placed at the opposite of palace quarter in Ford Kochi.

Other information

It is really difficult for the tourist guide to operate the tour without the voucher. It will be mandatory to present the voucher to the local guide at the beginning of the tour.

Booking confirmation is also another type of important activity in this situation. You need to make the conformation of the booking before 24 hour of the tour. You must contact Kerala urban adventures 24 hours before the departure schedule.

Dress standard

There is conservative style of dress throughout the Asian tour. Especially when you are travelling beyond the major cities, the dress standard must be considered promptly. We want all the tourists to respect the same. Modest clothing will be an important consideration within the tour package. The clothes which can cover your knees as well as shoulders will be appropriate. Since, Asian climate is considerably hot, loose clothing, lightweight cloth will be appropriate for the tourist to wear and enjoy the tour.

Children can be carried within the tour package. But, the age must be within 6 to 11 years.


Kerala is a wonderful place that is famous for its natural view. It includes unique beauty, diverse geography, unique beauty and overwhelming greenery. Kerala is selected among one of the 10 Paradise found as deemed by the national geographic Traveler. Backwaters of Kerala are a famous name in the top tourist destination. It is also known as the greatest jewel in the crown of Kerala.

The local guide will take you from Kochi to Kerala with an appropriate conveyance. If you are having a craze of photography, this travel from Kochi to Kerala is really wonderful. The professional photographers are really keen to shoot such photos with natural beauty. Once you have reached the destination, you will be provided warm welcome at the homes of local families. You can get yourself refresh with a sip of traditional cup of tea. The Local lunch prepared by the people will also be really delicious. By speaking with the local families, you will be able to learn about their cultures and lives.

Just after completing your lunch, you will be taken by the tourist guide with a walk through the village. You can also explore the rice paddies within this tour. The villagers will speak about interesting facts about the back waters of Kerala. It has become an integral part of their lives. It will be easy to know about the local fruits, vegetables and food available in Kerala. The type of dishes prepared by the traditional keralian family is very tasty.

Experiencing the local custom as well as culture will be amazing. If you are stressed out with your work schedule, backwaters of Kerala will provide you greatest energy. You can enjoy the trip really well with your family and friends.

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