Why is home robotics a growing market?

8569_2010824939 Consumer robotics has shown a good increase with time and it has emerged as a booming business as per the reports of the previous year where the consumer robotics market is worth $1.6 billion. This growth trend is expected to be increasing with time as it has been predicted by the market experts that consumer robotics will boom even more and will be worth $6.5 billion by the year 2017. Entertainment and task completion were the two focus points for the consumer robotics industry up till now and the situation will remain the same in the future but with surveillance and security joining the list. pIROBOT1-3906372_robot4_dt Many companies are entering this market with new and improved products so that they can be a part of the growing business. The growth rate is particularly sharp in the Asian continent and the companies based here are using their resources on task oriented systems. The consumer robotics companies situated in the West are more fixated on advanced research plus development. All of this information is actually the summary of a recent report presented by ABI Research which is actually a group that is specialized in extending details about the trends that keep emerging in the prevalent technologies. The main reason that robotics is booming business is the developments in the economies of scale which are actually a result of application processors and sensors of different kinds like the ones that are installed in devices such as tablets. Microcontrollers and some other components have also contributed in this booming growth of this sector. The market for such components is increasing at a very rapid rate and it increased by around $700 million in the year 2012. The market experts have predicted that it will expand about five times till we reach the year 2017. robot_toy The growth in this sector could have been even higher but the current state of the economy is not hidden from anyone and it has stopped that expected growth. The robotics companies are leaving no stone unturned to come up with new and advanced products so that they can stay ahead in the race. Bossa Nova Robotics is one such firm and it has come up with something called Mobi ball bot. This product is to be utilized for cleaning purposes and it can be used to clean duct pipes and chimneys. Many such helpful and innovative products are being designed by the robotics companies.]]>


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