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Understanding more about strong concrete foundations

Any housing structure or office structure is made of concrete. Even if it looks hard and tough, that doesn’t mean it is damage-proof. If you do not use good quality material to make the concrete, it gradually creates cracks and slowly starts wearing off. If care is not taken at the right time, it can damage the entire structure of your house or office. Concrete-Foundation-1024x768 One needs to first understand the difference between ‘concrete’ and ‘cement’. Concrete is made of cement. However, cement is one of the many other ingredients to make concrete. Concrete is made in two parts. Extra concrete makes the foundation strong. It does cost a few bucks more, however, the strength of your structure increases ten-fold. If the forms are made deeper and wider, the complete concrete foundation remains stronger. Hence, it is advised to use extra concrete while building the base and the raw structure of the building. The foundation if strong and withstand any calamity-human or natural.


Concrete is considered strong by the mixture- the PSI that means pound per square. The standard range is to mix 2500/3000 psi for a strong concrete foundation. Some also use 3500 psi to add to the strength. Exceeding the limit to 4000/5000 psi can be hazardous. You would need a specialised structural engineer to get your work done. After all, who would wish to have a weak foundation to live in. Nowadays, readymade mixture of concrete is also available. You can contact the suppliers, who suggest the right mixture for your foundation. modular building foundation walls Many times, engineers make the foundation strong by using steel bars in between the footings. Two steel bars of thickness 5/8” are generally used to enhance the strength. Buildings use such procedure while constructing. They hold the building strong and are extremely reliable. After the concrete mixture is poured, the crew should immediately whack the walls with hammers or sledges with rubber-covered heads. This maintains the consistency and uniformity in the concrete, avoiding it to for cracks. The concrete needs to be constantly kept wet for the next 24 hours to give good results. Summary: Any house/office needs to be built with good and strong foundation. Hence, knowledge of concrete and its usage is vital.]]>


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