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Top 5 places off the beaten track

Places that are out of the ordinary 1

  • Chile: it covers an area of around 4270 kilometers along the Pacific Ocean and it is due to is length and breadth that one can experience a lot of biodiversity. The nature has bestowed its blessings on Chile and there are a lot of things to see and enjoy here. If you are keen traveler then make a note that summers are the best time to visit Chile which is right about the next some months.
  • Norway: NASA has predicted that the winters in Northern Hemisphere will be some of the brightest northern lights display one has seen in about fifty years. Norway is one off the beat location that does not have many visitors throughout the year but it has some wonderful places to visit.
  • Myanmar: Burma is another name for Myanmar and this was definitely not in the list of most visited places since the last year. In Yangon or Rangoon as it is also called the visitors will find a number of amazing places to see. There are many famous Buddhist temples to see and explore in Myanmar.
  • Sibiu in Romania: Eastern Europe is transforming into mainstream and Romania is becoming one of the popular travel destinations. There are more than one medieval towns of Europe that have been quite well preserved in Romania. A rich history and culture is what attracts the tourists to this place.
  • Galapagos Islands in Ecuador: the number of tourists that trek all the way to experience the joy of visiting Galapagos Islands in Ecuador is increasing by the day. You will be experiencing one of the most delicate environments on this planet on these islands along with a marine biological reserve and a national park.
These were some of the off best tourist destinations that have been gaining popularity with time.]]>

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