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The Sounder stand doubles the volume of your iPad

Designed by Howard Fink from New York, NY, the Sounder is an iPad/iPhone stand that functions as a natural amplifier to double the volume of your iPad or iPhone. There are no plugs or wires, and the Sounder features a slot to hold your iPad at the perfect angle. Handmade with 100 percent reclaimed wood coming from 19th century buildings, the Sounder directs the sound from the iPad speakers into the horn to amplify the sound waves in the megaphone-style, thereby delivering double the original volume. Compatible with iPhone 4S, the Sounder is a great option for iTunes, other music and internet radio stations.

With the iPhone, Sounder amplifies the sound in both the directions to fill your space with quality sound. If you add a Bluetooth keyboard to the whole setup, you can do all your important work easily while listening to your favorite tracks. You can also use it with an eBook reader. The Sounder is made with the old-growth lumber reclaimed during the demolishing of buildings. Each Sounder has been sanded smooth and given a waterproof finish to avoid any damage.

The Coney Island Sounder has been made with the reclaimed lumber from the famous Coney Island boardwalk. Other variants include the Pine Sounder and the Black Sounder. For every Sounder sold, its maker will plant a tree. Now, that’s truly impressive.  The project will be funded only if the pledged goal of $50,000 is achieved by 21st of July. Some independent Apple retailer has already expressed interest in putting the Sounder into production.

Dr Prem Jagyasi

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