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The most expensive luxury trains in the world

Glacier Express Glacier Express Undoubtedly, it is the slowest express train on earth. The captivating 180-mile ride on it takes us through a delightful route in a time of 8 hours. When you get to view the magical panorama that it takes you though, you forget complaining about the pace. In fact, it gives you more time to enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. The route is a link through the two mountain resorts – St. Moritz and Zermatt in the Swiss Alps. The track goes through 291 bridges, 91 tunnels and is set at an altitude of 6,670 feet. It is no less than an expedition through fairyland. Breathtaking and picture perfect, this is a route loved by all photographers. Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Venice Simplon-Orient-Express It runs through some of the best cities of Europe. It includes London, Venice, Rome, Budapest, and Prague. This express train is among the most elegant routes to travel by train. You can catch many movies; have books and romantic Hollywood numbers to catch on this luxury train. This is one ride to dig deep in your pockets. The three-day trip along the mesmerizing countryside of France, Switzerland, and Austria comes for well over 2,000 Euros. You need to spend that much to have a feel of the old-age charm of the Orient Express. Pride of Africa Pride of Africa This is one train journey that no nature lover should ever miss. This journey would take the passengers through the beauty, majesty, and grandeur of Africa at its own sweet pace. It offers you top notch comfort. This is a once in a year trip and is a 14-day ride. It takes a route through Cape Town, Dar Es Salaam, Kimberley, Pretoria, the Kruger National Park, Beit Bridge, Bulawayo, Victoria Falls, Lusaka and through Tanzania to Dar Es Salaam. It is recorded as the most expensive train journey in the world. Tourists must take this ride if they are planning a romantic vacation in Africa. Euro star Euro star Many travelers might not feel happy in this ride as it spends a lot of time under the sea. However, it surely offers an immeasurable mix of comfort along with class. Although it takes greater time than normal flights between London and Paris, it is an option tourists should consider. Palace on Wheels Palace on Wheels As soon as you step on board the Palace on Wheels you will realize that it is as gorgeous as a palace. The train starts its journey from Delhi, India and stops at the royal state of Rajasthan. It is complete luxury on wheels. It is drawn by a steam engine. An elephant is ready to welcome you in Jaipur. You have lunch at the Lake Palace of Udaipur. You take a camel ride across Jaisalmer and spend the afternoon at the Taj Mahal. It is a comfortable journey to explore India. Eastern & Oriental Express Eastern & Oriental Express The Eastern and Oriental Express stretches between the ultra-modern state of Singapore and that of Bangkok. It makes a journey through the lush green forests of the tropical region. It is a stylish and comfortable journey. It offers you the top class cuisine and hospitality. This ride is a perfect window for you to enjoy South-East Asia. You can enjoy its changing topography. You will be amazed to see the change that it has gone through by taking a look at the urban present and the green and still virgin past. Royal Scotsman Royal Scotsman If you are on board the Royal Scotsman train, you know that you are on board one of the most expensive trains of the world. A mere 4-day trip on board the Royal Scotsman would cost you more than the entire 19-day long first-class ride on the Trans-Siberian railway. The observation car of the train allows only 36 passengers. The comfortable seats provided are armchairs. The train also provides special cabins designed for dining purposes and other comforts of passengers. The train halts at night when the passengers are asleep. The trip takes the passengers through a rare passage through unique waterfalls, hills and valleys. Naturally, it is a ride for the more fortunate people.]]>


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