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Tasman Outflow: The newfound ‘missing link’ of the global climate system

ocean currents in the australian region including

The climate system of our planet not only powers, but also regulates the earth’s atmosphere and hence the lives thriving on it. The information that a system of currents north of Australia — Indonesian Throughflow — drains water from the Pacific into the Indian Ocean via Indonesia is not new especially among the scientific fraternity.

What was not known was how such climate-influencing systems in regions are connected globally to form a ‘global climate system.’

But, it is just recently Australian scientists have discovered the ‘missing link’ that eventually connects the world’s oceans, regulating the climate around the planet – a massive underwater current.

Yes, a current that sweeps past Tasmania — south of the Australian mainland — towards the South Atlantic had never been detected before. This finding would result in revealing how the ‘global climate system’ influences rainfall in Australia!

Called the Tasman Outflow, the newly discovered current flows at a depth of 2,600 to 3,300ft. Sweeping out of the Tasman Sea, it is classed as a “supergyre.” It connects gyres in the three oceans.

It also provides another important ‘missing link’ between the Pacific and Indian Oceans – the discovery of deep ocean pathway currents moving south of Tasmania.

So, is the Tasman Outflow also responsible for the response of the conveyor belt to climate change? Scientists may soon have an answer to this.


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