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Incredible Success for Incredible Bieber

Seriously! Just what is the deal with Justin Bieber? The sixteen-year-old is by profession a singer, but he is better known as an unstoppable online icon, a musical legend, teenage heartthrob and prodigious teen sensation. Recent Twitter studies have shown that almost 3% of the micro blogging servers are dedicated to him, and his name is mentioned 60 times per second during peak hours. To put this statistic in perspective, co-founder Evan Williams reported that Twitter averages almost 90 million tweets per day, which means there are approximately 2.7 million mentions of Justin Bieber on any given day. In simpler terms, it appears as if Bieber’s online fandom has the influence and prevalence equivalent to that of a small country. Yes, Justin Bieber is the Success Story that Every Teenager Yearns to Be Justin Drew Bieber was born on the 1st of March, 1994 in Canada. He lives in Stratford, Ontario. He is a self-taught musician and knows to play the drums, the piano, trumpet and even the guitar. When he gets the time, he hopes to learn to play the violin too. His parents are divorced. His mother accompanies him on all his tours and shows. He enjoys his close friendship with a few high profile friends like Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and his mentor, Usher. Talking about popularity, what a way to get discovered! It all started when he entered a local singing competition in his hometown of Stratford. He was placed second in the competition. After this, Justin and his mum were so excited about his success that they decided to post a few videos of him performing on YouTube in January of 2007, so that all his friends and family could view them. Among them were “So sick”, “Basketball”, “Angel”, “Respect” and others. Nearly a year after the video postings, Scooter Braun (now Justins’ manager) discovered the amateur YouTube clip that his mother had posted and was genuinely impressed. He contacted Justin, and arranged him to meet with the megastar, Usher. Usher was so fascinated with Justin’s talent that he immediately made some calls and got him signed up with Island Records in October ’08. Another Justin, that is Justin Timberlake, was also interested in signing up Justin Bieber, but in the end, Usher negotiated a better contract for him. First Album Justin released his first single “One Time” in 2009. The song made it to number 17 on the Billboard 100. It was followed by the release of his debut album, My World, on November 17, 2009, which was certified platinum in the United States, making him the first artist to have seven songs from a debut album chart on the Billboard Hot 100. His best chart topping song was the single “Baby”. The first full studio release, My World 2.0, was released on March 23, 2010 and was also met with huge success. It debuted at No. 1 in the USA. Justin Bieber’s popularity has landed him several guest spots on television, including Saturday Night Live, CSI and True Jackson, VP. First Movie Appearance A movie by the name “Never Say Never” has been produced where he has appeared playing himself. Justin Beiber’s “Never Say Never” video reached 295,991,953 views in January, 2012 which is quite an astonishing feat! “There’s going to be times when people say you can’t live your dreams,” said Bieber. “This is what I tell them, “Never say never!” Through this movie, he inspires the youth to follow their dreams and to “Never say never!” Bieber believes that his strong support system played a crucial role in his success. He was surrounded by people who loved and prayed for him but who also kept him grounded. Faith in God In all the excitement of success, Bieber never lost his gratitude to God. Before every performance, he and his team prayed, dedicating their work to the Lord for his immense glory. Apart from his concerts, he has also performed live in several shows such as MTVU’s VMA ’09 tour, The Today Show, Lopez Tonight, Good Morning America, just to name a few. Justin Bieber is a self-aware celebrity who never lets fame get to his head. In addition to working very hard to maintain his current level of fame and popularity, he knows how to market himself to maximum potential. “Bieber Fever” and “Beliebers” often trend on Twitter, and, as corny as these nicknames may sound, they capture his essence perfectly – he is playfully winking to his fans, dissenters and to the web in general. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, but he is serious about his fans, his fame, and his career. This kid has sure put in a lot of effort into becoming famous. “With great courage comes great responsibility” Such is certainly the case with Justin Bieber, who has had a passion to perform since a very young age. Sixteen year-old Bieber has received more than 15 awards for his music, released 13 singles, been nominated for a Best New Artist Grammy Award and performed in Madison Square Garden. In addition, this is a sure enough sign to indicate just how incredible he really is!]]>

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