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Incredible Facts about Graveyards


The Shutting Eye Custom: You must have witnessed the ritual of closing the eye of the deceased in many cultures. The ritual came from the belief that the eye corresponds to the window of the living world which is shut as spirits are believed to get to the world of spiritualism through the opening of the mouth. Tombstones: The tombstones that you see along the heads of coffins were actually given birth to since it was believed that with these heavy stones the dead could be suppressed and weighed down. Taking the Deceased Out: Europe and America in the 19th century always made sure that the deceased people are taken out of the house with their feet first so that the spirit of the dead could not look back and summon someone else from the family to tread the same path to the world of spirits. During this time any family photographs in the house were turned down and the return path from the cemetery would always be a different one from that through which the dead was taken. This was to ensure that the spirit would not follow the funeral parties back into the world.


Tablestones at Metro Atlanta Area: During the Civil War many soldiers were treated and operated at graveyards on what was constructed as tablestones or tables atop graves for the convenience of the situation. The Different Kinds of Tombs: If you thought a casket, a coffin and a sarcophagus was same, well time to brush yourself a bit. The difference between these three lies mainly in the shape in which these houses of the deceased were constructed. The Casket takes up a rectangular shape while Coffin is narrow at the two ends of head and feet and wide along the shoulders. The Sarcophagus is built in the shape of a man’s body and most of the times comes with the picture of the dead person.]]>


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