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How to remodel your kitchen on a budget

A remodeled kitchen would help increase a home’s market value significantly. However, kitchen remodels usually cost thousands of dollars, and are not affordable by some who find it hard to spend on contractors and remodeling materials. If you belong to this category, then don’t worry. There are plenty of ways in which you can remodel your kitchen within a stipulated budget. And here are some ideas you can try out for the same.

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Paint Cabinets

If your cabinets are in good working condition, consider having them painted with a fresh coat of paint instead of replacing them completely. This would save you plenty of money. You can save more money if you decide to pain them yourself. Scour through home décor magazines for ideas and buy some paint along with a similar colored primer. Paint the insides of the cabinet in white color, and opt for colorful patterns for the doors and knobs.


Maintain the Layout

Changing the basic layout of the kitchen can be a costly process. So try maintaining the layout as it is, including the fixtures and the appliances. Try working around the existing design in order to minimize remodeling costs. You can relocate movable appliances like the refrigerator though to create a comfortable work triangle that would help you switch chores easily.


Refurbish Old Appliances

Instead of purchasing new appliances altogether, you can replace only the broken ones while refurbishing or updating he existing appliances to match the look of your remodeled kitchen. Also make it a point to choose appliances that have only the necessary features as additional features (which you may never need) would cost extra. And make sure you opt for branded products that come with warranties.


Opt for Vinyl Windows

Custom colored windows as well as windows with inlays would tend to be costlier than vinyl windows. Increasing the window size horizontally would also tend to be a pricier option. So opt for an increase in the vertical size of the window. Accordingly, you can go for a garden style window or one with a deeper bay for the same purpose.

Opt for Mid-range Lighting Solutions

The more elaborate the lighting arrangements, the more expensive the remodeling would be. So consider opting for mid-range lighting like pendant lights that can be fitted over an island, chandeliers that can be placed over the dining table, and puck lights that can be fitted under the cupboard. These would minimize the costs incurred due to lighting arrangements during the remodeling phase.


If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen in the near future, here are some of the ways to help you keep your kitchen remodeling project within the stipulated budget.


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