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Popular Wood Types commonly used in Home Interiors

Almost all of us would love to have wooden interiors in our homes. However, not many of us are familiar about the best types of woods that can be used for the same purpose. Well, here are 5 of the most popular types of wood often used for home interiors.


Padauk Wood

Found only in Africa or Asia, the Padauk Wood comes from the Pterocarpus species and is a dense and heavy hardwood that surprisingly, is easy to work on using a lathe. It is stronger than oak wood in addition to having the ability to withstand adhesives; factors which make it more durable and vivacious. Usually used for musical instruments and artistic carvings, Padauk red wood wood would most definitely add that extra glam touch to your home.


Cedar Wood

Definitely the right choice for drawers, cupboards and closets, cedar wood is chosen for its pest deterrent abilities (including moths). The wood can also successfully take care of several odor destroying causes, retaining the look and feel of the interiors for longer years. It is usually available in reddish or reddish brown hues, and can be used for several purposes, including fencing, shingles and house structuring etc.


Walnut Wood

It is possible to get different shades of this particular wood, all of which give a unique feel to the entire home. It neither expands nor shrinks, thereby making it durable and dependable. As such, walnut wood would be the perfect choice for your kitchen or living room floors.


Purple Heart Wood

The USP of this particular type of wood is its shiny and straight grain patterned surface. But Purple Heart Wood is sought after for more than that reason alone. The wood is bendable and extremely flexible, making it the right choice for quality furniture that needs to be resistant to extreme weather conditions, pests and fungus. The authentic purple shade of the wood would become deeper and richer with time, enriching the entire look of the furniture.


Poplar Wood

From plywood and matches to chopsticks and even paper, Poplar wood is sought after for its extreme flexibility. The wood can be used anywhere inside the house, and would serve its purpose diligently without being affected by the weather, pests or even fungus. And the best part of it all? It would give a definite Hollywood charm to your home.


These are some of the most popular types of woods commonly preferred for interiors. So if you are thinking of furnishing/decorating your home with wooden interiors, choose any one of the options mentioned above for long lasting satisfaction and happiness.


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