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Five most unbelievable 3D printed things

meal_worms_3d As additive manufacturing is involved in 3D printing, the objects manufactured by 3D printing can be used anywhere without any problem. The product can be used throughout the product life cycle at any stage, say from pre-production to full-scale production and even post-production. Additive manufacturing works on the blueprints designed with the help of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and takes successive guidelines from the design to print. Many products can be designed with the help of 3D printer. Let us discuss few of them. Food Recently meal cubes have been prepared with the help of 3D printing. The food contains powdered proteins, carbohydrates and sugars to create edible food products. The food manufacturing 3D painting is being prepared by Systems & Materials Research Corp. The primary object of the 3D printed food is to address world hunger and improve our unsustainable food systems by using this more efficient and economical way of producing food. The food is proclaimed to be nutritionally balanced and harmless. Chocolates Many manufacturers have also initiated making 3D printed chocolates by using 3D printed chocolates in the cartridge and produces layers of chocolates as per the design provided. The credit of first commercial 3D printed chocolates goes to The Choc Creator. Prosthetic Jaw Bones The prosthetic jaw bones were first printed from the titanium powder with a lightweight porous structure. It was designed to be a real jaw bone. 3D printing has become very popular in medication world as it is pretty easy to transplant the jaws in the mouths of the patients who have broken jaws. regenerative01 Body Parts 3D printing has developed to produce human body parts even. The first ever body part to be printed was a human liver tissue, which was capable of functioning the way a natural liver tissue functions. Custom iPhone Cases The 3D printed cosmetic iPhone design was inspired by Indian patterns such as Mandalas. Designed by Genghis, the iPhone cases utilize strong and flexible plastic.]]>

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