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Seven cool and creative recycled furniture designs

Recycled furniture

Wooden furniture was once symbol of class. Soon people moved towards polymer and metal based furniture. These furniture models can be molded in any shape and size. They are very cheaper than their wooden variant. However, these furniture models are pollution menace in themselves. With the increased environmental conscience, the recycled furniture models have captured the attention. They have higher durability, lower cost and innovative designs. Above all, they speak out the statement of environmental awareness. These models help in lowering the environmental pollution by recycling the wastes. Therefore, if you want to have your own environmental statement, then you should know some of the great innovative designs.

Here is the list of seven recycled furniture that will surely enhance your green coolness.

1. Bring home your own Airplane:

Aviation waste furniture

These furniture models are made of wastes of Aviation industry. MotoArt manufactures one of the unique set of furniture with old airplane metal part. They bring the scraps of old airplanes and modify them to beautiful pieces of home decor furniture. These plane parts are a rare combination of hard and light. These properties ensure the durability and comfort. With this furniture, you can live the history of aviation in your own drawing room.

Pros: Shiny, light and durable

Cons: Costly

Price: $1000 and above

2. The barrel seat:

Barrel seat

Have you ever tried sitting on barrels kept in storeroom or dumped in your old street? Surely, the answer is yes. Everybody enjoys the high-rise seats. The designs were inspired with this concept only. Designers have cut barrels and installed seats on them to give you the same high-rise experience. The models also impart a street funky look to your apartment. These are durable and beautifully designed to enhance the drawing room decor.

Pros: High-rise seats

Cons: Rusty

Price: $150

3. Sit on your own beer cans:

Sit on your cans

You have surely sipped beer on your couch. However, now you can sit on your cans and enjoy the beers. The designers have used the large amount of nickel waste of soda and beer cans to mold them into furniture designs. The designs are sleek and have the shine like every other metal furniture designs. Above all, they lower the nickel pollution due to cans.

Pros: Hard and durable

Cons: Less durable than steel

Price: $100 and above

4. Ride the bicycle in your living room:

Bike chair

Everybody loves the cycle ride. However, now you can keep your old cycle forever with you in your living room. These designs are modified from old bicycle scrap parts. They are very light and extremely durable. Moreover, their vibrant colors make them a must-have for the home decor. They are very comfortable and stylish.

Pros: Durable and light

Cons: Can get rusty

Price: $120

5. Bring home the street signs:

Transit furniture

These models are made of old broken street signs. Every year authorities install lots of road safety signs. These signs are easy victims of pranks and accidents. The designers have used these road signs to create the beautiful design. The vibrant colors of these signs glow with light. The furniture design is a great hit.

Pros: Shiny and vibrant

Cons: Rusty

Price: $100

6. The pump action furniture designs:

shotgun shell chair

It certainly sounds like some action movie set but it is a chair model with spent shotgun shells. These shells are a big wastage as they cannot be easily recycled. Every year, millions of spent cartridges find their way into wasteland. The designers have made this fully loaded furniture of 12 gauge cartridges. The steel frames are handmade with gun parts. The chair definitely brings in a killer look to your drawing room.

Pros: Strong and shiny

Cons: Not much comfortable

Price: Custom made ($300 and above)

7. Spoon chair:

Spoon chair

The design is made completely of old spoons. The spoons when get a little abraded or bent are often discarded. The designers have used the nickel-chromium steel scrap into a piece of art. The design is unique and has the best durability. It will bring in a shiny look to your home decor.

Pros: Shiny and strong

Cons: Showpiece and have sharp edges

Price: $250

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