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Budget friendly ways of decorating your toddler’s room

8640449976_c649a5a9eb_z (1) Change the bedding: The easiest way to update the décor of your kid’s room is to change its bedding. All you need for this purpose is some funky, quirky printed or solid colored bed sheets and pillow covers. You can buy different sized cushions and arrange all of them in an organized hip at the head of the bed. Funky animal prints and weird motifs like spectacles, teacups and your toddler’s favorite cartoons can make them very happy. Colorful bedding adds brightness to the dullest of rooms and lifts the mood. You should combine solid color pillow and cushion covers with the printed ones to balance the look. Do not let different colors and prints clash together. Match everything neatly. 8639343503_d187439dfb_z Make a wall special: The modern décor is all about accentuating and highlighting a particular part of the room. Instead of making all the walls of the bedroom look alike, focus on making one of the walls stand out. For example if the entire room has been done in white your can color the wall opposite to the bed in the pepper and salt theme. Use black paint to color the white wall in sweeping little strokes. White and black colored portions should always be next to each other. You can also use wood pallets to cover the wall or use stencil painting to give the wall more character than the rest. 3142354105_908bb7da12_b Bold is beautiful: Do not be afraid of darker hues. Your kids are matured enough to handle fuchsia and wine red. Color two walls in a dark hue and the other two in a lighter shade from the same color group. For example if two walls are dark berry then the other two can be light pink. Write the names of your kids on one of the walls in a visible vinyl letter. 6313572052_cdae461594_z Creative show-off: If your kid is creative and likes to draw then you can dedicate a bulletin board for them. They can show off their latest art creation and stick their favorite bands pictures in the bulletin. Summary: To give your children’s room a lovely makeover you have to wear your thinking cap. Make affordable changes like changing the wall hangings, bed sheets and curtains for a quick fix.]]>


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