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Increasing sex tourism in Pattaya and Phuket

Sex tourism industry in Thailand is simply on another level. One may be completely astonished to know the fact that prostitution in Thailand is illegal. Yes, it is illegal to practice sex for commercial reasons but not truly. The sex industry in Thailand is very well organized and regulated. It provides you with high standard sex services that leave you ...

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Safest sex destinations around the globe

If you are a sex hobbyist and you are planning a travel for sex then it is for your understanding and knowledge to be aware of the destinations that offer safest sex practices. Sex tourism adds another dimension to your travel experience. Sex tourism has lately become the way of life and is fast gaining a lot of popularity. Sex ...

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Deciding your destination for sex tourism

Sex tourism is a travel for sexual activity. It could be inland or across borders. Sex is an added dimension to travel making it a more ravishing experience and one should therefore be very careful for choosing a destination for a sex travel. Planning a travel involves many considerations making your trip much of a success. You need to customize ...

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Child Sex Tourism- what is fuelling the fire

Note: We consider Child sex tourism as a crime, and are extremely against of such activities. This article is to raise awareness about negative impact of child sex tourism and how to combat it. With the advent of the sex tourism industry, certain socio economic issues like that of violence, human trafficking, and use of children became prevalent. Child sex ...

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Capitalizing sex tourism industry

Sex tourism industry has huge amounts of money involved. In fact, the monetary affair is so vast and circulated that it becomes a real task going into the inside of this system. Pumped with billions of dollars, sex tourism industry makes major contributions to the GDP of some countries. World has many aspects to the sex tourism industry, whether a ...

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Understanding and combating child sex tourism

Child sex tourism as we can clearly understand from the term refers to people with tourist status who perpetrate sexual exploitation of small children. These tourists can be domestic or international travelers. According to an estimate, the figure for international tourists will be about 1.8 billion by 2030, and with that, the risk of sexual abuse of children is likely ...

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