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10 Most undiscovered countries to visit in 2019


Many destinations in spite of great tourism appeal do not get the fair share of visitors. You don’t get to view these countries on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and these are the underdogs in the tourism world.  Vacationing in most undiscovered countries carries additional thrill. These destinations do not get the due attention for their proximity to popular destinations which create such a big halo that others remain shrouded from the tourists’ vision. 

Top metropolises of the world like Paris, New York City, London, Iceland etc. remain the most usual travel picks; but the underrated destinations are also coming within the tourism radar. So why not include a few lesser known places in this year’s travel bucket list?

Most undiscovered countries that will leave you awestruck:

1. Germany:


If you desire of vacationing in Europe this year, explore Germany, a land of time-tested tradition and culture melding uniquely with cutting-edge technology. Vibrant metropolises, marvelous architectural palaces, breathtaking landscapes, and idyllic villages would offer everything that you need for a fulfilling vacation.

You would love to be in the fairy-land, driving down the Castle Road and hopping into the centuries-old castles. Take the Fairy Tale route and reach the Grimm’s Brothers source of inspiration that weaved magical fairy tales of Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel, and Snow White.

2. Cambodia:


It would be a good choice to visit Cambodia – one of the most undiscovered countries. This hidden gem of Asia is enriched with history, culture, and food. The breathtaking Angkor Vat in Siem Reap and the tranquil beaches on the coastal belt are top attractions. Do not miss the famous Apsara Dancers presenting mythical narrations with their beautifully carved bodies and flexible fingers.

The exotic preparations of fish amok and fired tarantula from the street markets in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh would be great choices for adventurous foodies.  A cruise along the Mekong River is another big attraction in this underrated destination.

3. The Philippines:


The country, comprising of more than 7000 islands welcoming about 6 million tourists, is perhaps the best kept secret destination in Asia. Considering the huge tourist visit to Indonesia and Thailand surpassing 40 million, Philippines remains highly underrated albeit stunning beaches, pleasant climate, and amazing Banaue rice terraces, which are no less attractive. Boracay Island and its powdered white sand beaches, amazing rock formations in Palawan, the rain-drenched Batanes and Cebu down in the south would definitely leave you in awe.

4. Albania:


One of the most undiscovered countries in Europe, Albania can be a great choice for budget travelers. Though not one of the lesser known places, very few people are aware that this country offers you stunning beaches stretching for miles, great food and great quality wine at budget-friendly rates. Visit Tirana, Theth and never miss exploring the mountainous north. You can call Albania a fledgling destination as its tourism is yet to develop to its full potential.

5. Jordan:


In 2018, discover the most amazing experience of floating on the Dead Sea in Jordan. It would be wrong to assign it as one of the most undiscovered countries that surely doesn’t fall in the usual wish-list of travelers. The Dead Sea in Jordan is a big crowd puller for a number of reasons.  Exploring the ruins of the ancient ‘Rose City’ of Petra and the temple Jerash should be in the must-do activities.

A camel ride on the desert oasis of Wadi Rum and snorkeling in the crystal clear water of Red Sea would add zing to your vacation. Enjoying a few days in the luxurious seaside resorts of Aqaba Port would make your vacation complete.

6. Panama:


The immense popularity of Costa Rica couldn’t really overshadow the tourism potential of Panama, the country linking Central and South America. For the adventurous off-the-beat travelers, exploring the gorgeous archipelago Bocas Del Toro would be worth experiencing.

One of nature’s best kept secret, you will be delighted to surf on the stunning Starfish Beach. Snorkeling around the mangroves in the Dolphin Bay is quite exciting. Explore the coffee farms and cloud forests in Chiriqui along with the volcanoes.

Step into the cobblestone plazas and learn the history of cathedrals in the Old City. You cannot miss a fascinating cruise along the 82 km artificial waterway, the Panama Canal, a rare engineering feat meant for facilitating maritime trade.

7. Laos:


Another Southeast Asian country bound by the Mekong River is one of the most undiscovered countries that you should visit this year. Mountainous terrain, hilly tribe settlements, French colonial architecture, and Buddhist monasteries make it a vacationing paradise. If the Luang Monument housing Buddha’s breastbone alone doesn’t attract your spiritual side, satisfy your adventurous soul with the spine-chilling Gibbon zipline Experience in HuayXai.

8. St. Helena:


The remote volcanic outpost in the South Atlantic Ocean is a part of the British overseas territory. It is famous for the last days of Napoleon Bonaparte, and can be truly an off-the-beat vacationing destination. Tourism has not yet taken off in this paradise for which it still remains as one of the most undiscovered countries.

The unspoiled nature with a rainforest cover and a desert with a tinge of history – What more you can ask for? Visiting Jamestown is a must to rediscover the past of East India Trading Company and Napoleon. Birdwatching is important too as this island is left with only the rare species called wirebird.

9. Faroe Islands:


While all attention is on Iceland, Norway, and the UK, the cluster of 18 islands known as Faroe Islands tucked between the above-mentioned countries do not get its share of tourists’ praise. Yes, you also get a similar otherworldly experience in this island cluster, the autonomous country in the Kingdom of Denmark.

A warm and friendly Scandinavian culture and amazing landscape are enough to win your admiration. The adorable puffins are there to enchant you.  The bus system is extensive enough to support a tourist’s movement. Cars on rent are also available to explore the islands. For exploring the remotely located islands, you can take a helicopter or ferries – an experience worth trying.

10. Turkmenistan:


Not in the wish list of many but for reasons unknown. The country with a size almost comparable to that of Turkey is no less fascinating with its remarkable landscape. The country is apparently mysterious. It is ruled by the Saparmurat Niyazov, destined to be the president for life often making it comparable with North Korea. The oases, fortresses, gaseous craters including the famous Daravaza crater nicknamed as “Door to Hell” and underground lakes have all elements of tourist attraction.

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