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Why long term relationships are better than hookups

In college, you may have experienced easy hookups, going out with someone new every weekend and taking them home. The ...

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Things you can do to make your love timeless

Love is not difficult to understand as one might think but requires patience and positive ways to make it a ...

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Handling troubles and emotional baggage gets much easier when you find your soulmate

When you meet your soul mate, things become simple and easy all because you no more care for things that ...

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Striking a balance between love, lust and affection in your marriage

It is hard to differentiate between truly loving someone, having affectionand to be lustful in a relation. Love is always ...

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Signs that say your partner is madly in love with you

That one thing that everyone expects from their partner is that they love them truly,deeply,madly.            Unconditional love is the first ...

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Keeping sex and love alive in your romantic relationship

All couples will agree unanimously that for a healthy and long relationship you have to keep the flame of sex ...

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Flirting without actually making contact!

A girl asking a man out raises quite a few eyebrows in our society. Women too avoid it as they ...

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The little mistakes that scare girls off on your dates

The first few dates are very crucial to laying the foundation of a relationship. However, right after the first date ...

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It’s Worth the Fight: Arguments make for stronger relationships

Family counsellors and old couples will unanimously agree that arguments are part of being in a relationship and can hardly ...

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Stupid topics people in a relationship argue about

Two people fall in love with each other, start spending some time together and find each other to be nearly ...

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Positive mindsets that can help you get over a breakup

The truth is that a breakup is never good. It is hard, it is painful and it shatters you temporarily. ...

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Winter date ideas you will love

Just as the seasons change, your dating preferences also do. Going out on long walks and spending entire day at ...

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