Love and Sex Guide

couple romance

Do not confuse between sex and love in your relationship

Sex and Love are two different things yet both are as important in keeping the relationship alive and going. However, ...

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Restore romance in your bedroom

A marriage goes through bad and good phases. There are several reasons why marriages fail but the most basic being ...

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Five playful ways for initiating sex

Majority of women thinks that guys usually don’t approve the first move from their women and so most of the ...

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Sex, love, and the connection between sexuality and spirituality

Accept it or not, there is a solid association between spirituality and sexuality. Both bring joy and are not totally ...

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Love Guide


How do you Know it is True Love?

You are in Love Once it happens, you are sometimes therefore psyched that you simply do not even mind after ...

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Pointers that say your love is real

Love is one of the greatest feelings. When in love, nothing matters, the world seems so perfect and life is ...

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I am Deeply in Love with you!

Like, love, miss and hate After falling in love there are some things which comes in hand-in-hand and those are ...

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confess love

How to Confess your Love?

So, you are madly in love with a certain someone and they have no idea about it. They give signs ...

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Love and Relationships Guide

couple romance

How to do you differentiate a Fling from a Serious Relationship?

Teenage Love may not necessarily be True Love In an exceeding love relationship, commitment is regarding wanting and deciding to ...

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relationship is over

How do you know that a Relationship is over?

Scrutinize from the First Date Onwards In most of my relationships I catch refined hints or keep pretty detached so ...

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Interracial couples

Cross Cultural Relationships and their Problems

Interracial couples tend to either become numb to the general public disapproval they receive or they develop permanent blinders that ...

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Learn from your Past Relationships and Move On

Re-Looking at your Past A past love of mine recently affected back to city once a few decade in Asia. ...

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Teenage Love Guide


Ways of making a man fall in love with you

Falling in love is mostly a mutual social responsibility where both partners feel attraction towards each other. Mostly, it’s the ...

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How to deal with difficult students

A difficult student can exhibit various behaviors which can disrupt your classroom and even your own mindset. The acts like having food while class is going on, trying to attain the teacher’s or instructor’s attention by talking loudly or questioning

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How to deal with problems of students

The student life is meant to be full of fun, excitement and joy. However, students do face various problems in their lives while they are in their studying phase. Here are some tips to deal with such problems effectively.

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How to deal with bullies in the classroom

Bullying is a problem that affects millions of school-going children who are at their receiving end. This is something that cannot be easily detected by adults, teachers and parents. Bullying can have harmful consequences. Here are some ways which can

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Love and Business

How to deal with irate customer

Customers are the basis of a business and it is always important to treat them with extreme care and precaution. There are customers who get irate quickly, but when running a business you have to look out for ways and solutions to treat your customers p

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How to deal with complaining employees

Employees who complain constantly not only waste their time, but the precious time and energy of their co-workers and bosses. Therefore, being a boss or a co-worker, you must be ready with some strategies to deal with such employees and elicit the desired

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How to deal with lazy co workers

A lazy colleague may have a good time dilly-dallying his own work but he can be a real headache at work place. If you are trying to avoid a co worker with similar habits, these tips would help you out.

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How to deal with a bully

Bullying is a very common phenomenon at work places and schools and it can be a nightmarish incident. The following are a few ways to deal with a bully.

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Behavior and Emotions

How to deal with a bossy wife

Do you have a bossy and interfering wife? Does her overbearing behavior traumatize your life incessantly? We know that womenfolk are great at managing stuff. But some of them go as far as delegating, managing and manipulating their husband’s lives. Henc

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How to deal with bossy people

Handling a bossy person can be really stressful. Their controlling nature and rude behavior can often make the environment frustrating. Here are some simple ways to deal with such people.

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How to deal with step parents

Parents act as a blessing in one's life, no doubt about this fact! However, if one has to face step parents instead, things get a little difficult and need to be handled in a different manner.

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How to deal with an autistic child

Autism or Autistic Disorder – An Overview: Autism is the most prevalent one amongst other developmental disorders affecting the lives of many children and subsequently their families. More and more individuals are being diagnosed with this disorder; t

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