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Common traits that make confident people winner and tips to build it

confident people

Each one of us loves those who make their own identity as a confident person. They never fear anything; rather they love to push their limits. Change always brings a beautiful smile on their faces as if they get yet another chance to define their limits. Here are a few qualities of confident people who live life king-size.

Listen more to learn more

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Confident people believe in learning rather than boasting their achievements. They ask open-ended questions to get a better understanding of people around them since they knew themselves completely. They let others enlighten them with the facts that they are not aware of, since begging for attention shows your insecurity.

Making mistakes is all right

Confident people do not have a fear of making mistakes. Even after failing at a certain task they have the decency to accept their mistake. They do not have a fear of failure as they consider it a part of life. They are well aware of the fact that without failures, you can’t really hope to succeed.

Use strong speech

Saying, “I am not sure,” conveys a weaker language then saying “I am sure about it.” When confident people decide to do something, they take responsibility and ownership, which reflects in their vocabulary. If you are not confident about your own idea, no one else is going to buy it, are they?

Follow your instincts

You come out as a confident person when you listen to your instincts since you have more control making your decisions. Even if everyone agrees over something but you instincts tell you to do otherwise, listen to your instinct. This is your inner voice based on your true-life experiences, which never tells you do a wrong thing.

Do not seek approval

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You really do not have to get an approval from others for every little thing. Confident people do not try to impress everyone, they know what they doing in life. Instead of getting an approval from all which is an ideal condition, it is much better to work on quality of relationships rather then quantity. When you get an approval from those who you really value, you get confident, as you know that people you love are happy.

Lose yourself

Life holds a beautiful collection of gifts for all. Confident people embrace it with open arms. They have a firm belief that even if you make wrong decisions, you let yourself learn something new. Confident people live life the way it comes without the fear of making wrong choices in life. Restricting yourself to limited experiences of life restricts your happiness also.

Know what you want

Confident people always stay away from the needless drama as they save all their energy to get closer to your target. People who are not sure about the ultimate goal of their life are less confident since they do not have a clear picture of their life. When you have clarity of goal, you do not get annoyed at every little thing as you have your own priority list.

Don’t back off

You do not have to be perfect in life. Even if you fail, it does not lower you down, anyway. Failure is not the end of life. Confident people always feel excited when they get an opportunity to do something new in life. Unlike people with low confidence, they do not fail at something without even trying.

Being confident is not a natural gift but a state of mind and accepting your true self. Accept yourself the way you really are since this is more important that getting acceptance from others.

7 Ways you can get confident and get a step closer to your dream

Confidence plays a crucial role in helping your move forward on path of success. Self-confident people never look back in life and inspire others to take the control of their lives in their own hands. Confidence people tend to look at the positive aspects of their lives and believe in living life to the fullest. Research says that unlike some other skills confidence can be learned and mastered.

Control your thoughts

woman deep thinking

Positive thinking takes you a long way in life. Those people who think negative lose many opportunities that can change their lives forever. It is quite natural to think negative from time to time but if you are out and out pessimist, you must learn to replace your thoughts with positive ones. The moment you find yourself thinking negative shout aloud”stop” and reframe the negative thought with a positive one. For example, “I can’t achieve success” can be replaced with,” I can achieve success if I try hard.”

Focus on your life

Most people always keep comparing their own lives with others around them, something that pull them backward in life and takes success away from them. It diverts you attention from your goals. Baseless comparisons are toxic for your own success and happiness. Start focusing on your one life and make effort to bring about some positive changes to make it even more beautiful.

Failure is part of success. Embrace it and learn from it. 

Failure is the first step to success. Those people who gets success in life and realize their dreams have a long history of failures. Every time you fail, you actually get a step closer to success and learn things that turn you into a better person. All those who try to achieve something in life face failures at one point of time and it really does not matter in the end. You must not let failures define you. Keep trying and give it all you have since success never comes easy to anyone.

Set yourself up to win

Set yourself up to win

Everyone gets an opportunity to advance his/her life but only a few make the most of it. It is just that most people are either not prepared or have many others excuses to stay away from competition. On the contrary, those who are all prepared always take advantage of each opportunity that comes their way.

Live an active and healthy life

Action is the energy of life. Those who keep waiting for a miracle in life stuff their lives with disappointment. You must acknowledge the fact that nothing happens by itself. When you have a desire to realize your dreams you must put in your best efforts and live life on your own terms. When you get up early in the morning and exercise, you feel bubbling up with energy. A regular routine that includes at least half an hour of any physical or mental exercise can world wonders for you. Get back in shape. Try weight lifting, aerobics, meditation, yoga or running to feel energetic all day long. Staying healthy is important to achieve your dreams, if you could get into shape, it will be a great boost to your confidence as well.

Read Books and Listen to Podcasts that matter 

Being a voracious book reader, I always get a sense of inspiration from Plato’s words of wisdom when he says, “Books give a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” Accordingly, whenever I want my soul to take wings and my existence to fly freely, I hold a book in my hands and start flipping its pages to satiate my desire to learn more about life. And actually, I have been reading 3-4 books summaries a day for quite some years now. Here are Amazing tricks for book lovers to read more in less time.

Listen to good music

One of my personal secret, listening music. Music reenergizes your soul and keeps you in high spirits. Listen to a peppy number the moment you feel down and low. Good music fuels your confidence and gives a new life to your dreams. You feel good about yourself and start making efforts to get closer to your goals. Start your day with a peppy number that makes you feel like a winner and live life as if you are an action star who loves pushing his/her limits.

Confidence is the key to success. Confident people never let anything come between them and their dreams. Define success, set your goals and make yourself a winner who is not ready to give up at any cost.

Be confident but not over confident

It’s good to have confidence in your abilities but it is more important to live in the real world. Confidence takes you a long way in life but as they say, excess of everything is bad. Over confident people realize this when realities hit them right on the face.

Chris was an overconfident person who always thought that he deserved the best. He never cared about the good or bad feedback people gave him.

That day he got up early and got ready for the big day. He had his interview that day. He took the blessings of his parents and borrowed the car keys from his father since he didn’t want to get late. He was a graduate and certainly had no working experience but he wanted to start at a good salary. His friends tried hard to make him understand that salary expectation should justify his academic qualification and the work experience but he was hard to convince. “You should aim big,” he would say whenever someone asked him to keep his expectations low.

He reached his destination after a long drive of two and a half hour. He at once went to the enquiry office and said, “I am here for the interview. Could you please help me?”

“Please sit right there. You must wait half an hour as other applicants are just on their way,” a young woman with a sweet voice told him.

Within no time, countless applicants reached there in the corridor. Chris was confident but his heart was still beating fast. It was his first interview and he wanted to give his best shot.

A few minute later, the receptionist asked him to go to the manager’s cabin. He took his documents and went towards the entrance. The moment he stepped inside, the manger looked at him and said, “Come in young man.”

Chris went inside and said, “Good morning sir.”

“Good morning Chris. Please take a seat,” the manager said as he was busy turning over the pages of a magazine. After asking him a few relevant questions the manger asked him, “I would come straight to the point. What is your salary expectation?

Chris at once replied, “Around $1000 a year and the extra benefits along with that.”

“All right, we give you a holiday package of almost five weeks, full medical insurance and retirement funds,” the manager said.

“Oh my goodness, that’s a dream come true. Are you kidding, “Chris said.

“Yes, but who stared it?” the manager said and asked him to leave.

It is good to have confidence but over confidence always pulls your backwards in life.

Enhancing your confidence and loving yourself can make a difference

A person’s confidence can shake anytime. Due to this, they can even step on the path of destruction and also end up ruining their lives. There can be different reasons why this can happen. However, if you really want to make a difference for yourself, here are few reasons why it would be advisable to take the services of a life coach.

A person’s confidence can shake anytime. Due to this, they can even step on the path of destruction and also end up ruining their lives. There can be different reasons why this can happen. However, if you really want to make a difference for yourself, here are few reasons why it would be advisable to take the services of a life coach.

You really don’t know what you want

A lot of times we are not aware of what we really want. We are so lost or at least we feel lost due to the amount of pain that we have taken in our lives. Sometimes we even question our own existence due to the kind of things that happen to us. The situations in our lives change us so much that we have no idea where we are going and this also can result in us being or feeling lost.

You become prone to negative things

When a person undergoes constant blows in their lives, they tend to harden up a bit. If you are one of those people, then at this time, you might stop reacting to things as well. While in one way, this can be considered as a strength; in another way, this can also be a sign that it is time you need to pour your heart out in front of someone you trust. You might be holding back a lot of things, and due to that, it is somewhere building into a wall around you that is cutting you off from the rest of the world.

You are way too comfortable where you are

Having a comfort zone can be good. However when that becomes the only place that you want to be in and do not wish to step out, it can become a major problem. A comfort zone should not become your way out of running away from things. However a lot of times we use it as an escape route for not facing challenges.

You are either unhappy or very happy

Being very happy is good. However it can also mean that you might be hiding or running away from something. Similarly, if you are in the midst of people that you care about but still feel a void, it clearly means that you are losing yourself over something. Anything in excess or less can be a bad sign for a person. With a life coach, you can help get your confidence back to sort your life out so that you can actually be happy from inside without faking it.

You cannot accept defeat

Being a winner in everything is good. However, if you do not end up being in the first place every time, you should not take it to heart. The fact that you have learnt something is the only thing should matter to you. There are a lot of people who do not accept defeat. These are people who cannot accept being in the second place anywhere, they become too hard on themselves in the process; and in turn, start getting irritated over everything. Don’t be one such person. Take the help of a life coach to enhance your confidence and start loving yourself.

Loving yourself is the key to a better tomorrow

Every person has the right to lead a life that they want. Some people work really hard to ensure that they work in a new direction so that they can take the first step towards a successful life, while some people tend to be lost or confused as to what they should do and what they should not. When you head in the right direction in your life, you are actually taking the first step towards improving the quality of your life. When you work towards the right direction in your life, you are actually working towards making it better for you and for your loved ones.

A life coach will help you in a lot of ways, including helping you reach the right destination in life. Some of them are:

Give you the confidence

It’s not easy to take the first step into the unknown. A lot of people tend to lose themselves when they are making a change in their lives. A life coach will help you build that confidence that you need while you are making the change for yourself. Being confident is really important for your own personal growth. Heading into a direction that is unknown will always be a question mark. The fear of the unknown might make you retrace your steps towards success. However, your coach will walk hand in hand with you until you can handle things by yourself.

Build your self-worth

Another important factor when you are heading to a new direction is to understand your true worth. A lot of times people tend to forget their own worth and run after things that are not meant for them. This is not called accepting what is coming to them. This is called settling for what is lesser than your worth. The minute you realize what is actually good for you, you will never settle for less. A life coach will help you realize just that.

Learn to love yourself

One of the hardest things to do for a lot of people is loving themselves. While they work towards being perfect in other ways, the entire journey takes them away from themselves. This is wrong. The first step towards making things work out for you in life is by accepting your own self the way it is. Nobody’s perfect and this is a fact that has to be accepted. That’s where the life coach steps in.

Understand your strengths and weakness

Heading into a new direction will actually work out when you understand your strengths and weakness. Your strengths can act as the main pillars that can help you build a new future; while your weakness can be a start of what you need to work on to improve yourself. This is essential when you are starting fresh and will help you learn how to deal with yourself during good and bad times.

Letting go off negativity

Negativity in any form can be a bad thing for your growth – be it in the form of pain that you have felt due to people that you care for or even in form of the situations that have changed your life. It is really essential that you have to learn to let it go and move on. Every time you hold on to the past or anything that can put you down, you are actually making a way for your own self destruction. Take help of a life coach in getting rid of your negativity.

A life coach is a person who will guide you in enhancing your confidence and help you to start loving yourself. Put in a good amount of effort and trust your life coach with your life. Then see miracles change your life for the best.

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