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Your happiness is not the outcome of your achievements

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It is human tendency to find happiness in achievements. You feel when you will get a job you will be the happiest person. Some thinks getting a husband/wife would give them happiness. Others think that a good job or a promotion can make them happy. Is it true and even if your answer is yes, to what extent? A new car or a big house can make you happy but only for a few weeks or month or a year not all your life. You priorities keep changing and so does the means of happiness. If you detach your happiness with your achievement, you can get dramatic results in life. It is true that besides you basic needs everything else only makes your life more complex rather than comforting it. Let us discuss a few benefits of keeping your achievements separate from your happiness.  

All fears are gone

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When you understand the fact that your happiness has nothing to do with your achievements you lead a fearless life. It does not mean that you do not work hard to achieve success but it gives you the freedom to shift your entire focus on your goals. You do not have to be worried about money, business or buying expensive gadgets. Life seems simple and trouble free. You get the strength to face all fears head on which enables you to take risks in life.

No regrets

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Most of us keep stuffing our lives with a big pile of regrets and with time, it turns into a habit. If you keep these two things separate happiness stay forever, since it no longer depends upon your success or failure. There are no such things as success or failures. You only accumulate experiences that turn you into a better person eventually. Those who detach their happiness from achievements get no regrets in life.

It feels liberating

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Having no regrets and no fears in life gives you the freedom to live life you way. It allows you to live a life that has no limitations. You do not have to depend upon success or failure to be happy.

Be the real you

Be the real you

You no longer have a burden to put on a face that is not real you. It is just your fear of not getting acceptance that compels you to hide your true nature, which hinders your growth eventually. When you have no fears, you can get familiar with your true self. The interesting, dramatic, intelligent, weird person comes out. This leads to true happiness. You have nothing to hide when you know that your happiness no longer rely upon your achievements.

Live life to the fullest

Live life to the fullest

When you get rid of your fears, you live life to the fullest. You have no regrets only experiences to learn from, this gives you a happiness that does not fade away with time. You learn to value what you have in your life. It becomes easy for you to follow you dreams since you do not have the burden of proving your worth to everyone else around you.

No lies

No lies

There remains no space for lies and sorrows in your life. You learn to accept your true self and celebrate your uniqueness. You do take things to heart and you do not tend to hurt others.

Live in the present

Live in the present

When you liberate yourself from the fear of making an achievement, you live in present. Your happiness does not rely upon a luxury car or a big house that you may own in future. Life has beautiful offerings for all of us; it is just that we look for our happiness in a wrong direction.


Worldly possessions and achievements never give you a true happiness. If it were so, all the great people of the world would have been the happiest of all. Sadly, it is not so, we do not value what we have and always envy others who envy us or someone else.

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