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Stephen Hawking Embarks On His Journey To Infinity

stephen hawking

Hawking’s last wish was that his entire life’s work – a simple formula – should be engraved on his tombstone. His wheelchair will no longer accompany him to his new journey. No longer will we hear him speak in his computerized voice. Stephen Hawking finally bid the world good bye on March 14 and embarked on his new journey to a completely new dimension. 

For him, the universe was his laboratory, and his laboratory was his universe. He became the face of science in the 21st century.  A life well lived, a never-ending strength that kept him going. The life of Stephen Hawking has been an inspiration to all of us in many ways. His words of wisdom have always made us question and look forward for more answers. The Einstein of the 21st century – Stephen Hawking was a man that astonished the world in countless ways.

Stephen Hawking

The Journey of life through Hawking’s eyes

Stephen Hawking’s life was a roller coaster ride. He withstood all his challenges and limitations in the most unbelievable fashion. Even as he confined himself on his wheelchair, he explored the world beyond the comprehension of the human sight.

You can call Stephen Hawking a medical miracle, a role model, a genius brain, or simply an inspiration to all. Words fail when we begin to describe his personality. His hard work and endless efforts earned him the well-deserved respect. He has helped to build a strong foundation for physicists.

To be compared to Einstein is a recognition in its own right. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.  A renowned author, University of Cambridge’s Director of Research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology, cosmologist and an English theoretical physicist – Stephen Hawking leaves behind the legacy of his work.

Let us look at some of his works that not many people know about

stephen hawkingImage Source : ichef.bbci.co.uk

His take on time travelling

Stephen Hawking was a man who believed in pushing the odds in every way. On June 28, 2009, he decided to conduct an experiment on time travel. He organized a party as a call out to all time travelers. He even had a welcome banner that stated – Welcome all time travelers.

The twist – the invitations were sent out after the party was over. During a television series, he was asked about the motive of the party. His reply clearly indicated that indeed the whole concept of time travel is not possible.

The formula for England’s Soccer game

Image Source : nydailynews.com

Professor Hawking also developed a special formula for England’s soccer game. Close to 45 World Cup matches were analyzed post their win during the tournament conducted in 1866. He or a member of his team found out that the team had a particular weakness while analyzing the penalty shoot-outs. To derive to this conclusion, Hawking and his team analyzed the 204 penalties that the team scored during that time.

To help the team fare better, Hawking came up with a special formula that proved to be successful.  He made a simple change in the formation. Presently with the new formation of 4-3-3 the team won close to 58% of the matches. When they used to use the old formation of 4-4-2, out of all the matches they played, the team only won 48% of them.

The day his thesis crashed a website server

Stephen Hawking’s thesis is one of the best works that any person can get their hands on. In one incident, it was reported that the repository site of the Cambridge University crashed. The reason – it was the first time that Hawking’s 1966 doctoral thesis was freely available for all. In just a matter of 24 hours, there were close to 60,000 downloads! Since the Open Access was given, the website became temporarily unavailable.

Facts or just a rumor?

stephen hawkingImage Source : images.indianexpress.com

Just like how there were speculations about Michael Jackson’s death, even Stephen Hawkins has his share of speculation. Prof Hawking’s life has always been a mystery in many ways. There were claims made by conspiracy theorists that the real professor passed away a long time ago. Word has it that the person who passed away on March 14th, 2018 was a look alike of Professor Hawking. The reason behind that is the fact that as according to few people, he looked a lot younger in 2017.

Given the fact that he had ALS, which is a disfiguring disease; there were many speculations about Professor Hawking. Some people state that the size of his ears was decreasing as he was growing older. Secondly, even the structure of his teeth could not have changed drastically unless there was some kind of dental procedure conducted. Numerous other factors have made people to wonder if or not the real professor died recently.

The death of Stephen Hawking – Coincidence or a sign?

Even if you take a look at the day he died, it is a miracle in it’s own right. Stephen Hawkins was born on the same day of the death anniversary of Galileo, a framed astronomer. Surprisingly, he died on the birthday of another famous scientist, Albert Einstein. Coincidently, it is also the day which is honored for the Pi mathematical constant. In short, it was not only Hawking’s life but also his death, which will be remembered in every way.

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