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Happiness Lies Inside us and not Outside Us

Happiness Lies Inside us and not Outside Us

Find your Way to Happiness

Whoever you are, you definitely need to and maybe, even like to be happy. You could be single, married, in-school or college, a retired old man or woman or just about anybody. You definitely have the desire to be happy. Yet, almost everyone cribs about wanting something or someone rather than being happy about themselves. Why is it so? Shouldn’t one be satisfied with whatever is there in life and whoever is present in life? For, satisfaction will automatically lead to happiness. Since, you will be satisfied, you will not crib and because you will not crib, you will eventually find your way to happiness.


Happy – Sad, Happy – Sad

Yes, sadness and happiness are an integral part of life but truly happy are those who can smile and laugh no matter what happens. The world is jealous of such people because they are happy all the time. You don’t need a reason to be happy all the time. You could just be generally happy. After all, another day in life is a wonderful gift and you must definitely cherish such wonderful a gift. Almighty hasn’t bestowed another day of life upon everyone and you are one of the lucky people to have lived another day. Thus, instead of looking for happiness in the outside world, you should simply smile about this regular fact.

Don’t Take Life for Granted

Don’t we take life for granted? Happiness doesn’t lie in the outside world or in another person but lies within you. You only need to find the key to happiness. It will not be a difficult task once you realize that happiness is deep inside of you and you can be happy no matter what happens in the outside world. Thus, channel the inside energy and soon you will begin to feel happy about yourself. You will the not need any other person but yourself to stay happy. You will automatically start feeling wonderful about yourself and about everything else. Life is indeed beautiful; you only need to realize it.

Happiness Lies Inside of you

In fact, once you find happiness inside you, your happiness will not fluctuate. You will in fact, continue to remain happy forever. You will paint a pretty picture and everyone will be more than pleased to see you all the time. Isn’t it what everyone wants? To be happy and to be pleasing! Who knew it was so easy! Thus, live this moment and you will see that you are an extremely happy person and you don’t have much to worry about. Thus, show your lovely smile to the world and watch the world smile at you. Let this happiness that you have newly found stay with you forever.

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Live in the Now

One of the best ways of staying happy is focusing on the now. Dwelling on the past never got anyone happier. However, staying focused on the present has made a lot of people happier and it will continue to do so. Of course, one needs to prepare for the future but not so much so that it gets terrible in the present. Thus, live in the now, focus on yourself and you will continue to get happier and happier. Nothing belongs to you and no one is going to stay with you forever. People die and things wear out. This is a known fact and hence, you have to accept it and be happy all by yourself.

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Nothing is yours and nothing is Permanent

So, whoever you are, wherever you belong, remember this isn’t your permanent place. You too are going to die and you can just be happy that you have been gifted one more day of this life that you are living. Of course, there are going to be problems but you are going to face them with a smile instead of a sad face. Just like everything else is not permanent, your problems aren’t permanent either. They are going to go away some way or the other. Thus, don’t let anyone put you down. It takes bravery to smile through the problems and you are one of those brave people.

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The Mirage of Happiness

Now, that you have found the key to happiness, smile through your days. If you smile through them, years, days, months will all pass by quicker than ever. A happier person has a longer life and this is no hidden fact. Thus, find happiness and find your key to a better and longer life. Live happily! What more does anyone want but happiness? It isn’t all that difficult to be happy. Everything that is happening around you is a mirage, your life is a mirage, if there is truth then, and it lies in death. Once you know this then being happy shouldn’t be a problem at all.


Everyone wants to and likes to be happy but few of us are really happy. In order to be really happy it is necessary to find the key to happiness which is within us.

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