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Happy  World Environment Day

21 Simple Ways to Support Sustainability on this World Environment Day

With our planet calling for speedy action to restore its pristine health, it’s imperative for humankind to think of ways ...

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Solar Sync Sensor

Smart irrigation systems that help you take care of your plants

Households with gardens, lawns and backyards tend to waste plenty of water for irrigation purposes. The advent of smart irrigation ...

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Carbon capturing

Carbon capturing ideas that could be put to good use

The current industrial world we live in relies entirely on fossil fuels for proper functioning. The result of this dependency ...

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DIY home energy projects

6 Incredible and innovative DIY home energy projects to harness free energy

Who said being energy conscious at home came with a price? There are many ways in which you can harness ...

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These 6 mobile apps can help you reduce your carbon footprint

Technology and environment friendliness are two terms that according to many, do not go together at all. There have been ...

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inflate global warming

How our eating habits can inflate global warming and harm the environment

Our food habits don’t simply affect our own wellbeing, but it has an impact on the health of planet and ...

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Beautiful young indian woman in traditional clothing

7 Hassle-free ways you can get hold of a green wardrobe

Many tend to believe that going green is necessarily not an option when it comes to choosing clothes for your ...

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save energy and water

7 Effective ways you can save energy and water in your house

A lot of homeowners tend to waste a lot of energy and water around the house without even knowing about ...

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Ekocycle 3D Printer 2

New sustainable gadgets to add green elements to your home and lifestyle

Speed at which global warming is constantly changing the face of earth and environment around us is a matter of ...

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brewing high quality beer

Simple ways to build your own fermentation device at home

Thinking of building your own fermentation device at home? Then here are some tips that can be of help to ...

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Garbage on trend – Stylish Upcycled Pieces for Your Home

Upcycling the newer and greener version of recycling, is the best way to add value by transforming or reinventing something ...

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DIY solar cell

DIY solar cell from scratch using household material

Under tremendous pressure of rapidly increasing, unending requirement of electricity, researchers are leaving no stone unturned to enhance efficiency of ...

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