Top 10 eco tourism destinations for new experience in Europe

Ecotourism is fast gaining pace in the environmentally deprived world today. The objective of eco-compatible excursions is to make the tourist aware of the importance of ecological conservation and other related issues. The tourists are taken to places that are relatively undisturbed by human intervention in comparison to the regular holiday destinations.

The top 10 eco-travel destinations of the world are discussed further.

 1.       Gothenberg


 Awarded Eco Tourism destination of the Year award in 2011 by the Business Destinations magazine, this location is guaranteed to provide you a hundred percent authentic ecotourism experience, as many of the facilities that you use for your stay or transportation are environmentally and sustainability certified.

2.       Sweden


Sweden is one of the best ecotourism destinations of the world. If you are serious about having a quality ecotourism experience you should not miss out on this Scandinavian country that holds the ecotourism quality certifications, ‘Nature’s Best’, which was a unique certification in Europe during 2002, when it was first awarded to this tourist destination. The objective of the ecotourism activities of this place is to ensure that economical worth is added to resources of ecological and cultural importance. The tourists of this place are offered to view the most remarkable places of this country, while contributing to the cause of its ecological conservation and economy. The tours of this country are organized by government tourist organizations such as the Ecotourism Society of Sweden, which works on the motive of offering the best tourist experience of this place and promoting new ones, while enhancing the economy of this place with the revenues generated through such activities.

3.       Iceland


 Iceland tops the list of eco tourism destinations, as its scores high on the sustainability scale. The administration emphasizes on the usage of clean energy and conservation. Tourists visiting this place are educated by the tourism officials about the importance of environmental sustainability, in the present times. This is an ideal tourist destination for a person who wants to witness breathtaking natural beauty along with eco-conservation education. In the process, one gets to experience natural phenomenon such as the Aurora Borealis. The Blue Lagoon and Gulfoss are the other scenic wonders that one should not miss here.

4.       Austria


Though a trip to the naturally well-endowed Austria may prove to be expensive for people outside Europe, the prices are mediocre for the Europeans. The country, with its abundant greenery and clear blue skies, has a number of tourist destinations where ecotourism is available along with other holiday activities such as Skiing, History and Culture Tourism, and sight-seeing of important monuments.

5.       Estonia


Estonia can be the dream destination of ecotourism enthusiasts who want to delve deep into forest life and study about the flora and fauna of forests. About half of this small country is covered with luscious forests and woods. Expect to meet some brown bears and wolves in these forests, the other prominent inhabitants of this region being eagles and the lynx.

6.       Greece


If your ecotourism has cultural and historical studies on the agenda, you can always opt for Greece, which has organized ecotourism excursions. Guided tours, organized by tourism administrators, take care of the entire educational trip of the tourists and ensure that they safely complete their trips.

7.       Norway


 This country, with its marvelous and varied landscape consisting of wildlife, snow-covered mountains, rocky fjords, and its virgin water bodies, is one of the most popular ecotourism destinations. If you are a true ecotourism and sustainability buff, you will not mind using the bicycle as a means of transportation during your excursion in this place, as bicycle is an eco-friendly mode of transportation.

8.       United Kingdom

United Kingdom

  Endowed with 27 cultural heritage and scenically breathtaking locations, as per the UNESCO, the United Kingdom comprises England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Though a well-developed tourist destination, some regions of the United Kingdom are naturally undisturbed. These can serve as excellent ecotourism destinations. Scotland’s Western Islands, with their sustainability and energy conservation consciousness, and the breathtaking charm of the virgin landscapes make one of the best choices for an eco trip.

9.       Bosnia Herzegovina

white rafting

 The term Bosnia Herzegovina automatically brings up thoughts of terror and strife in the minds of many, but in the present times this place is fast emerging as one of the hot eco-tourist destinations of Europe and the world. If you are on the lookout for some eco-sport while on your stay in this place, think about white rafting which has emerged as the favorite eco-sport of this region, the beauty of which is based on the innumerable rivers that gracefully meander across the landscapes of this region.

10.   Lapland


 If you want to truly experience the serenity of being in the lap of nature, you should visit Lapland where you get to visualize rare natural phenomena such as the Midnight Sun and the Aurora Borealis. The untouched wilderness of this place provides an awesome experience.

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