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Skiing is one sport where you need to have an ice field with sheer drops, steep gradients, and frequent undulations on the ground to throw you high up into the sky propelled by momentum and slide down the next moment […]

Top Five Skiing Destinations for adventurous vacations

Traveling is all about living life in hundreds of ways – all at the same time. It is about opening up the horizons, noticing the tranquil beauty as well as enjoying nightclubs while socializing. Traveling in Europe guarantees you several

European countries that deserve a place in your travel itinerary

Do beaches entice you? Or mountains invite you? Do you feel thrilled when you explore a wildlife park? Do you experience adrenaline rush when you try extreme sports or feel amused when you see different artifacts? Are you an epicurean

Whether you are a travelling enthusiast or a family style vacationer, here is a list of countries that you should consider making your next travel destination! The list compiles ten countries which have been visited the most, have seen the

The wedding destinations no doubt should have a special charm appealing enough to the couple and guests from either side. The bride and groom’s family and invitees should get all the gratifications they are looking for. The setting must be

Top Five Wedding Destinations in the world

The very words ‘Haunted Destinations’ pop up a spooky atmosphere. The sudden hoot of an owl or perhaps the distant wail of a pack of jackals may rightly describe what the destination would be like. Paranormal incidents with an element

Top five haunted destinations of the world that you should see

Are you a professional gamer? Do you enjoy playing casino games during your leisure times? Well, you can plan your vacation trip to any of the following eight cities and make the most of your gaming spirit this year. Want


Theme parks and amusement parks are great places for families to hang out and have fun all day on holidays or vacations. They can have full-fledged picnics over there or just simply have mindless family time. France has a number

A city, on one level, and a very important one at that is defined by its nightlife. In its nightlife facilities, beats the heart of the city and through its throbbing pulse, can we gauge the liveliness of the city.

Did you know that you would have to wait for at least a year to eat at the El Celler de Can Roca restaurant in Spain, considered to be the world’s best restaurant? Thankfully, your wait to eat in some

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