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Southern Scotland Southern Scotland seems to be a very boring place but the Romans decided to block off with the Hadrian’s Wall.  Oxford Pales which is just next to Cambridge is also a place which should be ticked off from […]

Top destinations to avoid in Europe for vacations

Russia is the largest country in the world and with its rich cultural heritage and great natural beauty; it has become one of the most famous tourist destinations. From treks to the strolls around lakes, a visit to Russia is


 It is good to visit the places which have not been stepped in before. Urban Adventure will be the right place to get an appropriate tour package according to your need. You might not have heard about the Riga tour,

Travel tour package to visit attractions and places in Riga, Latvia

Urban Adventures are tour organizers who operate responsible tours in the cities of Rome and Athens. They use the local ally owned infrastructure and help the local people financially by providing employment and leadership opportunities to the local people. They

Urban Adventures tour package to visit Athens

After visiting the Trastevere, you will really fall love with exclusive suburbs of Rome. People can easily shop their essentials along with gelataries and bakeries while walking around the narrow roads. Trastevere also have best food to offer for its

Trastevere tour package : know about its Trends and Tradition

As soon as we hear about Ancient Rome, it highlights the history of brutality. People were treated as slaves and were tortured, killed in the most brutal way. But, thanks to the future we have revived this situation in Rome.

Ancient Rome tour package

Amsterdam is one of the romantic places to visit. Most of the honeymoon couples enjoy visit to Amsterdam with lots of excitement at famous restaurants, pubs and bars. Delicious food and drinks will be one of the attractions in the

Beer tour package at Amsterdam, Netherlands

Event name: Semana santa Event dates: 13th to 20th April 2014 Event location: Spain Semana santa de sevilla is also known as holy week in Seville. It is the most important traditional events of the city in spain. The event

Andalucia Semana santa holy easter week 2014, Sevilla in Spain

Visitors willing to visit a new destination every time might not find the right place to visit. At Cappadocia, you can easily enjoy the splendid cave churches, moonscapes and the fairy chimneys of Goreme. You along with your family as

Tour to explore× Cappadocia tradition and customs in Turkey

Rome is the capital of Italy. It is the only city in the world which contains in its interior a whole state. Rome has a history of around two and half thousand years. It is the oldest city occupied in

Day trips from rome - Top nearby destinations from ROM , Italy
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