Travel tour package to visit attractions and places in Riga, Latvia

Travel tour package to visit attractions and places in Riga, Latvia

 It is good to visit the places which have not been stepped in before. Urban Adventure will be the right place to get an appropriate tour package according to your need. You might not have heard about the Riga tour, but individuals getting the opportunity to avail Riga tour have enjoyed the perfect mix of modernity and traditions. You will be taken to the old town at first and enjoy the time worn churches as well as monuments. Again you can get a modern face of Riga with the creative collectives, art hubs, new hoods and cool cafes.

Highlights of the tour

  • You can easily get an opportunity to Brush shoulders at Riga central market with locals.
  • At the top of Bastion hill, you can easily soak up the views of Riga
  • Take the help of a local and stroll around in the artistic neighborhood
  • Visit the medieval skamu street and enjoy the olden times
  • At the cosy café, visitors can get the feast of Latvian specialties.


Tour style

It is all about the culture and tradition of the local people. Heritage and local life of the people is also another important style of tour.

The tour package will include an English speaking guide with knowledge about the local language. You will be provided with the welcome drink in the café by the tour management team. The tourist will also be provided with an E ticket for the public transportation.

Some items will also be excluded by the tourist management team within the guide. You Won’t be provided with the lunch at Dad Café. If you want to pay tips and gratuities to the guide, it should be provided extra apart from the sum of the tour package.

Group size and other information

There will be maximum of 12 people to accompany the tourist guide within the trip. The total duration of the trip will be 3.5 hours. A pick up point is also been fixed by the tourist guide. You will be picked up in front of Laima clock that lies just next to the monument of freedom.

Every tourist must be ready at around 11 – 11.15 am in the morning. A specific location is chosen for the drop up as well. The location is named as Berga Bazars.

Additional information

Every tourist must keep his or her tour voucher with them and present it to the tourist guide at the time of departure.

Booking conformation is a vital step in this process. You have to contact the Riga Urban Adventure to make the confirmation of the tour just 24 hour of the departure schedule.

If you wish to take your child in this tour, you must ensure that the age of your child must be within 6-11 years. If your child is less than 6 years old,  he/she will not be allowed to be a part of this tour.


There was a time when likes of Budapest as well as Prague are considered as offbeat destination. Today, people wishes to visit the place where crowd will be less. For doing this people even travels to the extreme east of Europe. Riga is a popular destination also known as the Jewel in the Baltic crown. You are now getting the opportunity of joining the team of Urban Adventures in the Riga tour and enjoy the local favorites of the coolest shop.

The tourist guide will take you first to the Art Nouveau district where you can get the scope of admiring the architecture of the place. Now you can walk through the Alberta and Elizabeth Street and view the manmade hill in the locality. Just beside the hill, you will get some part of land which is reserve for constructing a city.

Your next destination in the Riga tour will be the market. The tourist guide will take you to visit the Riga Powder Tower. The sights which are dotted around the old town can also not be missed. Some of the well known attractions include town hall square, Riga dome square, St Peter’s church, etc. You can also step back and reach the convent Yard as the next destination.

Iconic places in Riga include five old zeppelin hangars, National Opera, Cat’s house, The three brothers ensemble etc. You can also pay a visit to Riga central market and witness the Bustle of everyday at Riga. The tourist guide will show each and every tourist spots in Riga and make your visit really amazing within the city.



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