Top destinations to avoid in Europe for vacations

Southern Scotland

Southern Scotland seems to be a very boring place but the Romans decided to block off with the Hadrian’s Wall.  Oxford Pales which is just next to Cambridge is also a place which should be ticked off from the list of places to visit.

South West England 

South West England is a place specially made to trap tourists. The people would force you to pay, pay and pay and you would end up spending a great deal of money. There are some of the most useless things that would be forced upon you to buy and you would have to buy them as well.

The Black Forest in Germany

Germany consists of the Black forest that one should avoid visiting. It is a popular attraction with full of lush green forests and trees. But there are better places in Europe worth visiting than these forests.

Switzerland is indeed a great place to visit to in Europe but places like Geneva have become infested with so many travelers, that it has become crowded as well as boring.

Bucharest which is known as the capital of Romania also does not have much to offer to the travelers. Personally Norway is also seen to be very boring.

You should also avoid visiting places which are high in crime rate and drug trafficking which is dangerous for travelers as well. You never know when you might end up paying more or just be pick pocketed without you even noticing.

So after much consideration these are some of the places that one must avoid visiting in his trip to Europe as these places are underrated for some reason or the other.


If you are planning to visit Europe for a vacation, these are some of the places that you must avoid on your trip to Europe.

How do you select the best vacation plan? Some of the vacations as you might say are very boring and should be avoided. Let’s start with some of the most boring vacations that must be avoided in Europe. Here are some of the cities that were once upon a time very well known and still are but still there are far better places to go to on your trip to Europe.

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