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Top destinations to visit if you are a lover of ice creams

Top destinations to visit if you are a lover of ice creams

Capogiro Gelato, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is one of the places in US which is famous for its mouth watering flavors of ice creams. Made with the best and most fresh ingredients like nuts, chocolate sauce and strawberry sauce, fresh fruits, fresh and toned milk, Capogiro Gelato includes various exotic flavors of ice creams like Madagascar bourbon vanilla, Saigon cinnamon, mixture of pomegranate and hazelnut, pumpkin flavors, Thai coconut flavors, and many more. They are simply mouth relishing and tempting to have.

Ted Drewes Frozen Custard, St. Louis, Missouri

Made from the best of fresh fruits and cream along with sugar and eggs, frozen custard is indeed a must have and it is very similar to an ice cream. There are various flavors like strawberry, raspberry, pineapple, grape, banana, chocolate and many more to soothe your tempting tongue.

Bombay Ice Creamery, San Francisco, California

If you have a taste for ethnicity, then you must try out the different Indian flavored ice creams made from cardamom, rose, saffron, ginger, and sapodilla. Along with that you can get an assortment of flavored Kulfi as well. This is definitely a must try for your tongue.

Helados Scannapieco, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Try out from an exotic range of flavors ranging from chocolate, strawberry, two in one, vanilla, butterscotch and other exotic flavors like peach, lemon champagne, lime, and cherry. Helados Scannapieco consists of over a range of about 50 flavors that you should try out.

Glacé, Sydney, Australia

Glace is known for its delicious and different flavored ice creams and gelatos, such as thechocolate-dipped petit fours, bombe Alaska and checkerboard terrines. Apart from that there are other royal flavors like strawberry, banana, cherry, pistachio, Belgian chocolate, vanilla, Rose petal and many more to its name. You would hardly find the parlor empty even on a weekday. You should definitely try out the different assortment of flavors.

Some other places where you can visit to get some great ice cream flavors are A’jia Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey, Vaffelbageriet, Copenhagen, Denmark and Perchè No!, Florence, Italy.

Try them out and enjoy a great summer with mouth watering ice creams from all over the world.


Do you have that sweet tooth within you which indulges you to gobble up various flavors of ice cream wherever you go? Are you passionate about ice creams? Then here are some of the top places in the world that you must visit for a mouth watering experience of ice creams.

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