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Corcovado The Corcovado ,is a 710-meters (2,329 ft) mountain lying on the west side of Rio. The name in Portuguese is translate “hunchback” and its one of Rio’s famous icons around the world for the giant statue of the Christ […]

Famous Lapa Arch in Rio de Janeiro

Sugar Loaf Mountain Half-Day Tour Spend the morning at Sugar Loaf Mountain, one of Rio de Janeiro’s most famous icons. You’ll take a breathtaking ride in a cable car to the top of the Sugar Loaf Mountain. Buzios Day Trip

Favela Tour in Rio de Janeiro

1) Barzinho WHAT: Part of the continued gentrification of the once-unpolished Lapa district, a sleek São Paulo–style lounge and supper club. THE LOOK: The three-floor mansion is a spectacle of pop culture past—collages of 1950s singers hang on brick walls,

best Bars, Clubs in Rio De Janerio, Brazil

1. It’s overlooked by a very famous man. Overlooking Rio de Janeiro from all angles is Christ the Redeemer in English, a statue of Jesus Christ that stands 130ft tall. Located on top of a mountain called Corcovado, it is

Things You MUST KNOW about Rio De Janerio

Nightlife in a city means the amount of entertainment a city can provide you during the night. Every night a city comes alive with numerous discotheques, nightclubs, bars, theaters, music concerts and shows. However, every city has its own way

Barcelona (Spain)

Being the fifth largest country in the world, Brazil is amongst the most visited places in the world. Brazil has a rich history and cultural heritage. The various colors of the city can be seen through its art and festivals.

Brazil is a country with rich diversities. Be it her pristine beaches, or thick rain forests or the very colorful carnivals, there are lots of things to be done in Brazil. From art and architecture to music and dance, Brazil

How can you not shop wherever you are in this world? Especially when you are on a vacation to a foreign land – the most likely thing you are going to do after scouring all the tourist spots is to

Every major city and town in the world has its nightspots where the young, not just in age but in demeanor, gather, enjoy and have a good time. A city is judged by its pulse that is deep buried within

Brazil, as we know, is famous for its beautiful scenery, wildlife and cities. But no trip is complete without your stomach being filled satisfactorily. There are numerous restraints in Brazil, where you can have your food depending upon the place

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