Brazil famous attractions to visit – 10 Must Do Things in Brazil

Brazil is a country with rich diversities. Be it her pristine beaches, or thick rain forests or the very colorful carnivals, there are lots of things to be done in Brazil. From art and architecture to music and dance, Brazil has it all. On top of that Brazil will be hosting the next football World Cup and the summer Olympics that would add more colors to Brazil. Here I have summed up just 10 things that are native to Brazil:

  1. Experience Brazil’s natural beauty: From the second longest river i.e. Amazon to the Iguazu waterfalls, it seems God has Himself created Brazil. The Amazon has the largest volume of water and is surrounded by a thick canopy of evergreen rain forest which homes many varieties of flora. Also the Sugarloaf Mountain is a major attraction among tourists and climbers.

  2. Hit the shores: Brazil has some of the best beaches in the world. The entire eastern coastline has many beautiful beaches. There are also options for swimming, diving, surfing or just relaxing in the sea waters. Also the coral reefs provide a magnificent view.

  3. Be a part of the carnivals: Before the lent season, every corner of Brazil if filled with carnivals, the most famous and biggest being the Rio Carnival. It is visited by more than two million people each day and draws many foreign tourists. It is a grand display Brazil’s very rich culture.

  4. Get lost in Brazil’s magnificent art and architecture: Being an old country, Brazil has a strong link to her colonial background’s architecture. The churches and cathedrals show a Portuguese style of architecture, some even decorated with gold like in the city of Ourto Puerto and another city famous for its architecture is Olinda. Also the statue of Christ the Redeemer is a major attraction is also among the wonders of the world. Brasilia, the capital city is a World Heritage site. Visit museums

  5. Explore the wildlife: The Pantanal Wetlands homes the largest population of jaguars in the world. Also there are millions of species present in the Amazon Forest and animals like the howler monkeys, giant anteaters, ocelots and many different species of butterflies can be seen in Brazil.

  6. Feel the Music: Music styles like Samba and Bossa Nova is authentic to Brazil. Also the Capoeira which is music with martial arts and dance is popular. The last dance form has been developed by the African slave community.

  7. Party at Sao Paolo: This place is perfect for all party lovers as here the nightlife is 24 hours long. From bars, live music venues to nightclubs, from samba to Brazilian pop, this is major attraction among party mongers.

  8. Watch sunset with someone you love: The Ipanema Beach is where you should be to experience the lovely shades of red, pink and gold in the sky as you the sun set behind the mountains. Visit early to see the sun worshipers and the vendors selling drinks and snacks. This is the most romantic and soothing place to be at during dusk.

  9. Watch a game of football: People in this country are obsessed about football. So watching a game in Rio’s Maracana stadium would be worth it, given the fact that Brazil is hosting 2014 football world cup.

  10. Go hiking: Hiking, caving, rafting in the Diamantina National Park will be a kind of adventure. This park also has mountains, caves and waterfalls.

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