Brazil Nightlife at Clubs & bars – 10 Best Places for Nightlife in Brazil

Every major city and town in the world has its nightspots where the young, not just in age but in demeanor, gather, enjoy and have a good time. A city is judged by its pulse that is deep buried within its nightlife.

Brazil too has a number of hot nightspots over many cities. However the best of these can be found particularly in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador da Bahia.

  • The Maze Inn: One of the most happening places in Rio de Janeiro, as of this moment. Besides beds, you can have a great view of the Guanabara Bay from here. Every month, on the first Friday, Maze Inn owner Bob Nadkami hosts a live music party at nights, with jazz and bossa nova to soothe your spirit by the seaside.

  • Studio SP:  Studio SP in Sao Paulo is the hottest place in town to hang out if you are a music enthusiast willing to get into new Brazilian music. From electronica to mangue beat to jazz, you’ll find everything here. Interestingly, early evening shows charge no money and are free of cost

  • Rio Vermelho: Not really a club, it’s more of a ‘hopping area’. Located in Salvador da Bhaia, there are number of pubs and clubs in the area. The place has big live music shows every Tuesday ranging from concerts to carnival rehearsals. Even though the place is fun, it stops being a safe place after 11 pm.

  • NEU Club: NEU Club is a good place to dance all night to an eclectic range of pop and rock music. Saturday nights are the most exciting, which sees most of the young crowd. The club opens at 11 pm and you can always see a long queue of excited youngsters eager to enter the place so it’s best if you reach there fast or you might not get to enter.

  • Cabaret das Rosas: Owned and run by Adriana Lima, the Cabaret das Rosas club is one of the premier electronic music hubs of Ipanema. Set in a splendid colonial structure, the atmosphere exudes a 20’s Berlin burlesque vibe. The top floor has been designed into a fancy bar cum club where live performances take place.

  • Olimpio Restaurant: This is one of the oldest restaurants of Rio de Janeiro. Few natives are aware of this fantastic place which provides excellent view of the Guanabara Bay. Designed by Oscar Niemeyer, the famous Brazilian architect, Olimpio can be considered an heritage spot. One can reach there by boat. The boat-ride itself is worth a fortune.

  • Bombar: It’s a small, cozy bar located in Leblon. Popular among the college going crowd, Bombar is perfect to visit and have a few drinks at before club-hopping at night. The second floor is specially made for dancing with a DJ turning out house and techno music in full blast. Entrance fee is low and the staff members are courteous and professional.

  • Avenida Atlantica: Avenida Atlantica is perfect for a seaside stroll after dark. The streets here give out a vibrant, cosmopolitan feel. There are numerous stands around the area which sale eatables and drinks. There are also stages for live music where you can sit down, relax and groove to live bossa nova. Also, starting from the Wednesday of every week, an open air market is put up here which is a primary attraction here.

  • Carioca da Gema: One of the most lively hangout zones at night, this Rio club is famous for its samba dance. You can dance while helping yourselves to beers, caipirinhas, Brazilian crackers and snacks such as pastel de queijo and bolinho de bacalhau. All sorts of Brazilian music are played here live and everyone can dance here.

  • Z Carniceria: One of the best bars in Sao Paulo. The decoration is chic and tasteful with white tiled walls from which hangs red lighting almost giving out a seductive vibe. The vegetarian snacks at this place in particular are a delight.

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