History of romantic tourism

Passion, love and romance are the primitive human instincts that have a vital role to play in the equation between a man and woman, and making a joint trip brings them close to the realization of heartwarming bliss. Since the days of Stone Age civilization, men accompanied by their female counterparts have roamed the earth amid wilderness, treacherous rocky terrain and arid sand flats. His role was basically that of a hunter gatherer.

It was the drive to survive pushed him on exploring unknown pastures. Often a spell of intimacy, love and romance surfaced in between the grind of regular struggle and a strong liking for each other bloomed among hardships which often carried them over on a romantic sojourn leaving them oblivious to the world around them. Incidents often helped making room for the male to prove his chivalry which may have culminated in saving his sweetheart from the assault of a wild beast or rival tribe.

Migrations fired by passion are not new. Instances of romantic tourism could be traced back to ice ages in European and American continents when the beauty of nature enchanted men and women who ventured out and thus the seeds of romantic tourism were sown. In fact, to bring up the historical features of romantic tourism, north of the Alpine range, a route named as the romantic route had been turned into a legend, which was a testimony to romantic travel in Europe down the ages. It’s in the blood of human being to go on high adventures with paramour. Old romantic routes, traditional and fabled lovers lanes are clear indications of man’s quest for a romantic stroll by serene and yet stunning avenues accompanied by his darling.

Stretching point to point over a span of 350 kilometers is a breathtaking highway, the age old romantic road of Europe that touches between Fussen and Wusburg in south Germany. It is an epic highway and a brainchild of the travel agents with a strong drive for promoting romantic tourism, and they have put their dream into concrete reality way back in 1950’s. This grand route is dotted with majestic castles, beautiful settlements amid a panoramic setting. In the early middle ages, it was a commercial route along which traders laden with their merchandise made their way in into central Germany from southern parts of the country.

This stretch of route had a typical Bavarian landscape and ethnicity which juggles up a feeling of infatuation between lovers, and the famous cities of Nordingen, Dinkelsbuhl and Burg Harburg castles would drive you into a frantic crush for the milieu hanging in the air. The romantic road of Germany is a lover’s paradise flanked in between a tranquil countryside amid an amazing idyllic backdrop. Right in this place a mood for love and romance is foreordained with the nature serenading all her sweetness into both of you. Twittering of birds would feel like drops of honey and the surrounding exquisite landscape is like a frozen melody.

All the way from Europe to the Far East we have romance brewing in the old streets of Shanghai with tricky and mythical pathwayswhere pretty women dressed in traditional apparel hurry across the paved streets of Tian’ai road, a stretchof 500 meters of lover’s paradise. The road is splendidly fringed by the majestic firs that havebeen weather beaten by almost of half a century’s rain, sun and storm adding a spell of tranquility and romance to the area.

Myriad houses worn and dilapidated with age are dotted along the ambler walkway with a sporadic labyrinth of lanes and bye lanes culminating in the dwelling area. On either side of the street stand high walls from where engraved tablets hang bearing inscriptions of verses composed by the western poets and writers together with Chinese sonnets that have a soothing effect on the pedestrians. The words are melodious and have an enchanting effect upon lovers walking along hand in hand.

Take a few paces ahead and you hit upon the ‘lovers wall’ which bears all sorts of oaths, announcements and words of passion shot by lovers, and the entire pattern is nicely engraved into brickwork for the world to see. Built way back in 1920, they say that the eminent Chinese essayist Lu Xu would frequently stroll along this legendary street and his thought process may be working up new verses inspired by the relaxing atmosphere. You can stop for a refreshing pot of tea at Tian’ ai cafe located at the street terminal, and it will feel immensely good. Then there is the famous mailbox set up at a corner, and letters routed through this point would bear the words “love” just adjacent to the postal mark. Lovers believe that their passion would last a span of eternity if they hold onto each other and take a long walk along this romance inspiring street.

In the Indian sub continent, history has it that the Mughal emperor Shahjahan occasionally took romantic trips to Kashmir located north of his administrative capital Delhi. The enchanting effect of the Mughal gardens designed by him and the unparalleled beauty of the Kashmir valley infused romance into the lives of the emperor and his empress. He made repeated romantic visits to Kashmir with his empress and train of followers.

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