What to expect and how to prepare for Kenyan balloon safari

Kenyan hot air balloon ride is a much superior experience to most of the ventures of its kind. As you drift along the sky you can expect a feeling of stagnation even though you are moving.

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It is a marvelous revelation that gets permanently imprinted on your mind. You do not experience a sensation of velocity or a sudden lift while on the balloon although both the phenomena are highly in progress.

While in the basket you share the company of your fellow tourists and enjoy occasional bouts of conversation. The chilling air of high altitude will give you a pleasant feel, and the panoramic view far below on the ground will enchant you beyond expectation. Simply the picturesque landscape down below will not honestly describe the thrill captured in your 360 degrees vision coverage. Kenya is supposed to be the wild life capital of the world. It is a wild life buff’s paradise on the earth.

The ground will be an animated picture of myriad animals in action. There will be practically millions of wildebeests and zebras moving in huge herds kicking up dust in their frantic trail. But the annual migration doesn’t happen all round the year. It is seasonal and if you could synchronize your balloon ride with the annual herd migrations you can expect to be the happiest person around. You stand in the airborne moving basket feeling calm somewhere around an altitude between 1000 ft to 1200ft with the occasional whiz emitted by the burner of the balloon.

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You are likely to hear the exclamatory ecstatic resonance from your co-tourists. A feel of profound tranquility would overcome you as there would be perfect calm and not the harsh grating and mechanical whine of an automobile engine. The occasional whoosh of the burner will punctuate the silence at intervals, and believe me you will welcome this note of the gliding inflated medium of air transport. You can invariably expect the ascent in the early morning hours when the atmosphere is pleasantly chilling. The early soft rays will gradually illuminate the sky as your balloon starts rising up defying the gravity.

However, before the ascent you will receive a long lecture of instruction from your pilot. You will be allocated to a balloon along with around 15 co- travelers in the same basket. You and your ballooning group already have a pilot assigned who will maneuver your balloon across the sky along a predestined track possibly rendered aimless and erratic by the whims of the air current.

Before the lift, the pilot will educate you briefly on safety aspects of ballooning. Watching the crew inflate the balloon is certainly a feast to the eyes. The procedure includes employing burners to feed in hot air as the balloon gradually inflates and gets ready for a takeoff. The entire operation takes around 30 minutes. There will be a final safety inspection of the balloon, and you are eventually borne aloft with your fellow passengers. The ride roughly takes an hour after which you slowly land. Once grounded you expect a euphoric celebration with a fountain from champagne bottle followed by a generous English breakfast.


By the way, ballooning is an expensive affair and hope you have a lot of money in your pocket to spend. Mentally prepare yourself to encounter a sizeable balloon riding fee price tag ranging between $ 250- $ 450 per balloon rider for an hour long ride.

Before preparation for a balloon ride, the condition of weather should be tested. Reports from weather forecast office must be studied for a safe launch. The point of take off should be carefully selected so that there are no obstructions on the way up into the air. The tourists should be mentally prepared as this is a high altitude venture having a bearing on the nerves.

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