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Just after you have done a passionate trip to an amazing destination with your paramour by your side you feel the gates to an exciting chapter in life opening up. The romantic exposure that both of you have acquired would drive you onward in the quest of more wonderful trips of the sort that will bring both of you even more close. You can put all those amazing snippets on Youtube for drawing in further romance and passionate feeling as you view those lovely moments pass by. You can share these wonderful experiences with your relatives, friends and acquaintances and still there would be some private and intimate captures reserved specially for ‘your eyes only’ to draw the fun and color.


A romantic trip done widens your horizon. You turn more experienced and wise. The hurdles of your current trip make you wary and you become more prepared to counter hassles. Unforeseen issues are handled with deft as the learning process sets in. After the romantic venture done, you both now very well know the favorite cafes and bars where to spend a romantic evening together or the splendid garden by a lake where both of you can find the tranquility you were looking for to spend fervent moments. Perhaps the particular cocktail that put both of you off your heels making you hell bent on making a repeat visit to the identified bar for the sake of the punch that just left both of you flat with mirth.

Post romantic tourism, you can practically become an unofficial guide to your future romantic trips and also to your friends and relatives willing to make a trip inspired by you. Your first trip have made you aware of the best hotels and apartments to book, the most cozy and hassle free mode of transportation to select, the most lip smacking cuisines to sample and the right eateries to order them.

Post romantic tourism, the volume of your homework mounts and you got to do a bit of planning exercise for your future romantic trip armed with all the inputs and information that you collected from your just done tour. Photographs taken during your romantic tour and your tour blogs put online could keep both of you engrossed hanging on to the sweet memories counting moments for your next trip in pipeline. Your internet blog would encourage the world to visit places you have described so wonderfully, the places thick with a passionate fragrance of romance. This media propagation would do tons of good to the tourism industry in general.


Taking a movie camera to your romantic destination would work wonders. Running images and shots in motion would capture the happy moments shared between lovers. At your leisure, you both may sit cuddled in a sofa and rewind your camera to bring back flashes of fun moments captured. This would be a very significant past time spent between lovers consolidating the bond of passion and romance sustaining a blissful relationship for many years to come. Preserving what all both of you have done while on tour, to recast a replay in the future would be a very worthwhile post tourism activity. With all what you both have learned in culinary tutorials on your romantic tour, you can fascinate your guests on the table.

Post romantic tourism you also have certain responsibilities to deliver as you had the right to take in the pleasure for every dollar spent. If you both have really liked a destination, don’t just stop at completing your trip. Go ahead and do a little marketing exercise to let the world know about its romantic charm. Personal blogs, travelogues and descriptive essays can well put this place under limelight. By doing this you are in fact contributing to the economic benefit of the destination.


Your romantic activities post tourism is as important as all that you do on a trip charged with romance. It is your actions after the trip done keep the pulse of romantic tourism ticking with sustenance and the interest of prospective customers kept alive! Post romantic tourism, you have the opportunity of setting the ball of tourism rolling with a secured future cut out for the industry to survive stiff competition.

After you have completed your romantic tourism, you may organize groups of couples and convince them about the charm of the destination visited. When you move in groups on your next trip, you have an added shield of security, which you may have missed venturing alone with your lover. You all will be at vantage points as you will be able to handle issues better when acting in combination than you do while giving a solitary effort. Besides lot of expenses are shared among your fellow romantic couples and this is a significant factor turning in the tourists favor.

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