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The difference between authoritative and permissive parenting

All parents have their own style of parenting, which they believe is the best style to bring up their children. ...

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It’s good to be modern but you cannot forget these traditional manners

Manners reveal the kind of person you are. People rarely like a harsh and ill-mannered person. But we all admire ...

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children be great role models (6)

Can children be great role models in today’s world? 

There is the misconception that only adults are true inspiration and role models for children. The reality is that children ...

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NailSnail baby nail trimmer (1)

NailSnail baby nail trimmer is the one stop solution for baby nail care

Children have a tendency to put their hands into anything they find; this is why it is essential to ensure ...

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Tips for becoming the ideal parent for your teenage daughter

When a daughter is born in the family, parents feel mixed emotions. While on one side, the blessing of a ...

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Gadget addiction for kids – how alarming it is 

O’Hara couple is facing an issue while feeding their 4 year old kid Sarah who would throw tantrums unless her ...

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child sexual abuse

Myths about child sexual abuse prevention that you need to dispel

Knowledge is the biggest defense when it comes to the prevention of child sexual abuse. By educating and empowering yourself ...

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transform you into a great dad

5 Ways that can transform you into a great dad

You might have experienced or probably heard about the pre-baby fear. It is basically a feeling that dreads both males ...

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7 Must Know Facts about Attachment Parenting  

Attachment Parenting a.k.a. AP, the modern form of parenting not only helps in understanding a child’s need better but also ...

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The Impacts of Raising Kids with the Plugged-in Parenting Style

Ever heard of the plugged-in parenting style? It’s all the rage among new parents these days. As the name suggests, ...

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Study finds parenting a more stressful task for mothers than fathers

Parenting is never an easy task. In between feeds and nappy changes, there are a whole lot of tasks that ...

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Different Parenting Styles and their Effects on Children’s Behavior

How your children grown up to become adults depends on your parenting style. The way you raise your kids is ...

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