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Wake Up Light kicks you out of the bed naturally

wake up light

Throwing yourself out of the bed each morning is such a twinge, and the buzzing alarm clock adds to the agony. With the buzz of clock, each one of us cribs its shrieky voice. So, designer Joseph Coleman thinks out-of-the-box and designs a light that will wake you up, without the noise of clock. Named as “Wake Up Light”, the pendant light promise to kick you out of the bed naturally. The thin sheet of light can be fixed above the head of the bed that ensure you in a warm cocoon of light. Apart from being a light, it also has an LED display to control wake up times.

A tiller hanging from the light lets you fix the timing just like in an alarm clock. The tiller is capable of turning on & off the light by pulling it like a pull switch, and also controls the wake up time, wake up sound and sound volume. The intensity of the light increase gradually 30 minutes before the time set, and the awakening sound gently coaxes you out of the dream world. The light can also be used as standard reading lights when needed. Pretty interesting!

wake up light
wake up light1
wake up light2
wake up light3
wake up light4

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