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Uncontrolled tourism destroying Himalayan ecology

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From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Indians take privilege in visiting the abode of Gods, that is, the Himalayas There are various hills named after Hindu Gods and Goddesses in the country and this religious fervor takes many followers to the peaks to pay reverence to their Gods unaware of the harm they do to the ecosystem.

Global warming is having its effect on the glaciers on the mountains but a continuous human sprawl adds fuel to the fire and shatters the very lifeline of the ecosystem. Unbridled tourism is found to be the cause of melt down of the Amarnath stalagmite.

Himalayas dot most of the Indian sub continent with its marvelous peaks, few of which are sacred to the Hindu devotees, hundreds of thousands of who flock to the so-called holy sites every year. The religious fervor is so high in the country that it sidelines everything else, what to talk of the environment. Every year sees a doubling in the number of pilgrims, creating danger to the already fragile ecosystem.

Piles of human waste produce drenching smell, which is the cause of many ills along with garbage, rubbish that is thrown in the precincts without realizing how much harm it causes. The dumped plastic waste has a devastating effect on the soil and life in the region. Plastic blocks the air passage in the soil and thus, chunking the plants of water and air, harming the ecosystem.

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Rivers have been found overflowing with toxic wastes throwing by the pilgrims. Further to take care of the pilgrim needs a number of hotels, resorts, restaurants, shops have been opened which has only helped to add to the number of pilgrims. Moreover, air pollution has also had its impact on the environment. The ever-increasing number of buses, helicopters, and taxis has brought the Himalayan environment to a point from where it cannot hold itself with confidence and may collapse any time. The way trees are being brought down to construct houses, buildings, market complexes and roads, and the rising number of tourists, is only adding to the warming of the delicate environment, which may take the toll on the Himalayas ahead of Global warming.

You cant even imagine the devastation if the Himalayan environment breaks down. Himalayan glaciers are the source of many rivers which feed millions of people. Polluted and chocked rivers cannot sustain for a long time, thereby disenabling the supply of water to innumerable people. The way the number of tourists to the Himalayas is surging the time is not far when human warming would take its toll the ecology and warms the Himalayan glaciers years ahead of global warming. And if it happens, climate in the Subcontinent and Central Asia will witness a major upheaveal and Chinese culture will suffer a major rout.



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