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Top 5 unusual ways to go green

Go green!

You might have heard and applied a million ways to live greener life from recycling to reusing. You might have also implemented various ideas for boosting conservation and sustainability. But, have you ever thought about the eco-friendly bombs or yummy poisonous mushrooms? Sounds astonishing and weird, isn’t it? How would you feel, if you exercise to keep yourself fit and people call you stupid? Sometimes, coming up with a line of attacks to go green proves very unusual and strange, and believe me, it does. Very often, for living a greener life and supporting an eco-friendly environment, we adopt unconventional ways. How is it possible? See below.

Savor every mouthful with slime:


Slimes have been highly preferred by Europeans for numerous years since, they are nourishing, contain high protein and have less fat. Not only this, numerous varieties of this species are available in the market. But now, this appetizer is about to escape soon, so as to, let you consider this dainty stuff only as a part of your salad.

Oh! This green war is so pretty:

Eco-friendly bomb

It is an amazing and simultaneously disparaging to think about certain eco-friendly bombs. Eco-conscious martial minds must be contemplating the eco-bombs that can collapse around us in ten shades of enemies. Well! How to react or argue on the breathtaking concept of green-saver bombs that ,ultimately, can prove to be real breath taker? It is better to go for some real deal or alternative.

Yummy weeds! But what, if poison is triggers the taste?

Weeds, yummy!

Thanks to the almighty that we have sound facilities and can go for treatment, if we consume something poisonous because of wrong selection of plants. such a thing happened with Mr. Evans, a very famous author, when he ate poisonous mushrooms. He found these in a local woodland while walking. After eating them, he got hospitalized. Be cautious while selecting your foodstuff.

Commuting to get robust personality and looking stupid in front of people:

Floating-gym: Commuting to get robust personality

Have you ever thought of attaining something worthy from pedaling on a bike at your gym, except sweating? Mitchell Joachim has proposed a human powered floating gym. This concept is all about serving people’s needs of fitness around the New York City. It is a brilliant idea for those who think that walking and cycling simply result in wastage of time, but despite all the facts, you may appear stupid in front of others by doing this. So, it is better to do the exercises which are feasible and acceptable.

Can even waving flags sound utterly selfish?

Can even waving flags sound utterly selfish?

During the Euro 2008 football season, when the Australian automobile club was facing extreme challenges, German football fans were running their cars with fixed flags over them. Celebrating victory is not bad, but the method adopted by them was not feasible because of excessive wastage of oil and gas, thereby, giving a blow to the nation’s finance department. The whole scenario dragged the world into darkness while people wasted the dwindling oil and gas reserves. However, no one has dared to challenge the ‘sacred cows’ whenever the question of saving our planet has been mooted.

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