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The Most Jaw dropping adventure sports in New Zealand

1.  Glacier walking: Glacier walking   New Zealand is the home for two of the most readily accessible ice floes all over the globe. They are the two major South Isle glaciers in New Zealand namely the Franz Joseph glacier and the Fox glacier. The arrays for the walks around there are pretty strenuous and quick and involve a lot of adventure. Some of the terrains are rather slippery that include lots of dangers and risks. There are stairs that are built on these terrains made of mainly ice and ice caves. The walks are undertaken by the expert guides who have thorough knowledge about these glaciers and the ice. 2.  Bungy jumping: Bungy jumping   The historic and scenic Kawarau Bridge located just outside the town of Queenstown was the very first site all over the globe that featured bungy jumping on a commercial basis. The Nevis not more than 25 minutes from this place is the second highest bungy jumping spot in the world. It features a drop of as much as 134 meters from a wire that is fixed in two mountains. Other places from where you can go bungy jumping are the iconic landmarks in Auckland namely Harbor Bridge, the Sky tower and so on. This is a highly popular free falling sport that perhaps originated in the country of New Zealand itself. 3.  Water rafting: Water rafting This breath taking adventurous sport mainly involves two types, one being named as the White water rafting and the other Black water rafting. The major differences between the two is the fact that the first one involves high flowing, super fast and furious waters while the other one involves slow but scary waters of the underground rivers that flow through the limestone caves. The white water rafting really gets the blood flowing through the veins, anyone can feel the rush while the black water rafting is relatively slow but not in the least bit adventurous. Moving through the dark and gloomy underground caves with infinite glow worms covering the ceiling is as adventurous as the other version of water rafting. 4.  Underwater Diving: Underwater Diving New Zealand is the home for as many as 25 marine reserves from where not a single piece of marine life can be taken avoiding punishments. These reserves serve as the perfect site for underwater diving where one can swim with these marine creatures at will. It gives a great experience of sharing the waters with the creatures of its own. Large swarms of fish and other underwater marine creatures swim past you in large numbers. If someone is not quite comfortable with scuba they can also go for pretty exciting practice of snorkeling that can well be done with the water at waist high level. 5.  Heli skiing:  Heli skiing   Being covered in snow most of the year this is another major source of adventure in the country of New Zealand. It involves jumping directly from the helicopter into the fresh snow and start skiing on the slopes. There are many people who come in here all over the year particularly to enjoy the thrill and adventure of skiing on these slopes in the chilly conditions. 6.  Mountain climbing: Mountain climbing The motherland of Sir Edmund Hillary is in no way short for interesting and adventurous climbing options. The largest mountain of the country Mt Cook is only 3,754 meters or 12,316 ft high. But there are as many as two glaciers and three challenging peaks on this mountain that makes climbing on it a very fascinating experience. The glaciers on this mountain mainly head down the sides of the mountain peaks. For climbers of the amateur level there are plenty of walls and great jaunt spots spread all across the country. 7.  Tramping: Tramping Tramping is used a slang in the country of New Zealand for what is actually known as hiking. With dozens of nature reserves and as many as 14 large national parks this country provides ample opportunities and adventures to go out and wander about in the wild. These parks and reserves are facilitated with nice small huts and tracks in between for the help and support of the trampers. Nicely catered food, clean and nicely flowing river enhancing the beauty of the reserves with nicely trimmed grass makes them a paradise for the trampers. Therefore it is quite clearly visible why New Zealand is depicted as the adventure capital of the world. With so many and a lot more options of breath taking and highly adventurous sports and entertainment it is a must visit place for those who wish to enjoy the thrill and awesomeness of life.]]>

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