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Style classics, The £2577 Chanel jacket that makes a lifetime investment

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Coco Chanel was eminently accredited for the creation of small black dress but now, she is notoriously responsible for wardrobe of black jackets. Chanel LBJ laid down its official framework in the year 1954 to serve customers with adorable hip-length styles. This brand was completely different from popular nipped-in shaped Dior Jackets of that time. Women in Chanel jacket depict modernism, emancipation and style. With versatile tweet and braid trimmed, these silk-lined jacket fits in your body thereby giving a trendy look. Bottom hem of Chanel jacket is made little heavy with brass chain.

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Tycoon of fashion industry, Coco Chanel was born on 19th Aug 1883 in Saumar city of France is known for her trademark suits, black dresses and timeless designs. Before emerging as a popular designer, Coco was a successful singer. In 1920s, Chanel come up with first perfume bottle and later, introduced a brand new collection of channel suit, jackets and black dresses. Within few years, Coco Chanel became a sacrosanct style icon popular for simple yet stylish attires paired with elegant accessories like pearl strands. According to Coco Chanel, luxury brings in comfort and if you are not comfortable in outfits then, it cannot bring in luxury.

At the age of twenty, Coco Chanel joined Etienne Balsan to set off millinery store in Paris. After opening her first fashion outlet on Rue Cambon of Paris in the year 1910, Coco Chanel began with the sale of hats. After successful opening in Rue Cambon, Coco Chanel added some more stores in Biarritz fro thriving business prospects. Very first experience of successful clothing came to Chanel with an old pullover fashioned out on chilly day. After gaining appreciation from people, Coco took her business unit to new thriving heights. It 1925, Chanel come up with a new and legendary Chanel Jacket and suit.

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Chanel Jacket is epitome of lifestyle titivated with intricate needlecraft and unique buttons. Chanel jacket had always been in trend just like jeans and white shirts.  This month, Chanel Jacket was the leading subject of exhibition that will take place at Saatchi Gallery of London between October 12 and 28. This event embraces 113 snaps of celebrities like Alexa Chung. Karl Lagerfeld, creative director of popular brand Chanel took out these snaps for the event. According to Lagerfeld, Chanel Jacket snaps shot by Alexa Chung were among the classic one. Saatchi Gallery has opened up its door to photographic exhibition of Chanel dedicated to latest book of Karl Lagerfeld.


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