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Seven simple ways to live a green life

Seven simple ways to live a green life

Everyone wishes to lead a green life today. Our care to our own health, the future generations, and above all, our earth and environment encourage us to think of green life these days. It is a time immense crises like climate change and global warming loom over our heads. Hence green life must be our motto for the coming years. Here are seven cool ways you can lead a green life. Get through them and try to follow if you have not yet started thinking of green life.

1. Make recycling a habit

Make recycling a habit

Recycling old and unused products is a largely accepted green concept. Before ditching electronic products, clothes, footwear or anything else, just study whether you can recycle and reuse them. Most often, you can reuse the materials and products that you are to replace with the fresh ones. If possible, just walk to a patch-up shop to get your worn-out juice machine, heater and iron box repaired. If you have a pile of abandoned items in your garage, just try to recycle them or sell to a rag picker, who will move them to a recycle plant nearby.

2. Grow a garden in backyard

Grow a garden in backyard

Gardening brings your many things, pleasure in leisure hours, unadulterated vegetables for daily use and green look for your home. To grow a vegetable garden in your backyard or on terrace top is not a herculean task. You just need to spend a few hours a week to nourish up the garden. The outcome of such an effort is exceptionally great, however. Gardening often exposes your affection toward the earth and environment.

4. Get a natural gas fireplace

Get a natural gas fireplace

Burning woods in fireplaces is not a good idea, because it emits carbon monoxide that is a great threat to the nature. The better thing is to prepare a natural gas plant to burn your fireplaces in cold days. Such a move also wipes away woody smell from your house, getting two birds for a single shot. You can depend on bio-gases to heat up your living rooms and thus contribute much into the efforts for a green world.

4. Organic foods

Organic foods

A habit of cooking organic food brings better health for you. The curse of pesticide in vegetables and other food items can be met with organic foods. But the thing is that organic food is a bit expensive at the point of time. The price of organic food ingredients will naturally go down once there are more customers. Throwing a party with only organic foods will help your friends earn an awareness of the importance of organic food and a valuable green life.

5. Grow plants anywhere possible

Grow plants anywhere possible

Thick green is a great solace for our eyes. Also, it is one of intelligent tips for a green living. You can embellish the whole premises of your house with plants. You can even grow plants in the parapets, terrace tops and showcases of your house. To have more green means we get more oxygen and help devour carbon dioxide, the looming threat for human hood and other creatures on the planet.

6. Buy an e-bike or car

Buy an e-bike or car

A reliable facility for commutation is a must-have these days. But owning a bike or car that consumes gasoline is not a great idea if you wish to lead a green life. As of today you can see several electric vehicles in the market. Get an e-bike for your short trips to the club, gymnasium or restaurant. For city journeys, you can depend on an electric car. For long trips, it is better to rely on public transportation. It helps you in two ways, salvation from soaring gasoline prices and a wonderful green life.

7. Set up solar panels for alternative energy

Set up solar panels for alternative energy

The entire world is thinking of alternative power options. In a time the conventional energy sources are fast depleting, solar power is growing as a reliable alternative power option. You can set up solar panels on your terrace top to harvest power from sunlight. It also helps you bring down the electricity bill. Solar technology is undergoing profound experiments these days. Technologists are in intense efforts to make solar technology far efficient and inexpensive.

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