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Must-have things at home this season

9802579486_f42bcfde04_z Must-have things at home this season Although the weather outside might seem a bit drab and boring after the initial thrill of winters setting in, you can still make the insides of your home warm an cheerful with the help of these things and accessories to add life and lift up your spirits. 13021-300x300

  • Plush rugs – Rugs are a must have for all homes especially during winters when the cold sinks in through our feet. Even if you have installed the right flooring to insulate your homes, rugs are a perfect solution to just take off your slippers not fearing the cold and then settle on the armchair and sip a hot cuppa while you read a book. Choose a colorful vibrant rug that will double up as an accent and serve some drama contrasting the drabness outside and cause some cheer.
  • Fireplace – The fireplace would have to be the first thing that pops into everyone’s mind when we think of being inside our home during the cold seasons. Prepare beforehand for the oncoming winters and get the cleaning done to remove all the soot and dirt that must hae accumulated. Also do remember to use a cap or a screen at the top to drive out rodents and birds. Get the firewood ready and store in a dry place.
  • Furniture – Give your whole home a warm, comfortable feel by arranging all your furniture up in blankets and shawls instead of normal covers. It will make it a pleasure to just sit and go doing about our job no matter which room we are in the house and also keep us toasty warm.
Flowerpot cum Table
  • Natural elements – Use nature and greenery in your home decor whether they are in prints on your linens or fresh flowers on the mantelpiece or on your bedstand. The result will be fresh and soothing and give you relief from watching the laack of vegetation outside in the cold.
  • Winter tools – Get the necessary tools like shovels, roof rakes if your area is prone to a lot of snow every year. It is also wise to get necessary supplies like food, matches, candles and water in case there is an emergency.


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