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Make a Trip Down Under- to Hell or 5 Haunted Mansions in Australia

Monte Cristo Monte Cristo Seeing that this particular mansion or homestead in New South Wales has always been subject to much discussion, Monte Cristo was obviously the first choice. Facing the nice and friendly town of Junee, this particular homestead was owned by a Mr. Crawley in the 19th century. Leaving behind the fact that even the owner’s name was creepy, this place was duly run by Mrs. Crawley who was known to be some character. Dripping of murder, suicide, strange electricity patterns and all, this place is sure to remind you of the castle in the movie Casper. However, do not expect a friendly ghost like Casper, but you can always count on old Reg and Olive Ryan to tell you wonderful tales, of the spookiest kind and even offer you tea, if you are sweet enough. Beechworth Lunatic Asylum in Beechworth Beechworth Lunatic Asylum in Beechworth Now then, whatever discussion that starts with a topic like an asylum, cannot bode well, nor end in something enjoyable. Tales weaved with suicides, tortures, murders and even conspiracies will chill you to your bone when you visit this infamous place. The space, which used to be the erstwhile hospital and treatment clinics are full of the air of those departed. Be it kids, women or men, it used to be pretty easy to admit a person in the asylum, lunatic or not. Therefore, many departed souls never thought it right to leave the place, which presently lends an air of mystery and sightings of spirits in the mansion. Nightly tours of the asylum are held daily and yes, there have been confirmed reports about happenings. Old Melbourne Gaol Old Melbourne Gaol Even if we were discussing about a different topic today, the thought of the inhabitants of a jail or any discussions concerning jail, would not have been any less grim and gruesome than it already is. This infamous location is again preferred by convicts past, who seem to be too tired, broken, or bored to have left the place. Tales say that every other convict was holed up in a cold cell for the better part of their existence or their bail. This cold, unforgiving place has also seen convicts spending their time on a thin mattress, away from the sun and the air. No wonder then that this cold and grim place, thick with incarcerated prisoners will have a place in this list of ghostly wonder. Princess Theatre Princess Theatre While on the topic of people who never left a place, let us discuss about Frederick Baker. Also known as Frederici by his fans, he is a true performer as a theatre artist who never saw it prudent to leave even after his sudden and tragic death while performing. Reports say that he had a sudden heart attack and was pronounced to be dead instantly. However, this baritone artist never left the place and there have been several reports of seeing him enjoying an on-going performance or two in the theatre. Rumors have it that on a couple of occasions a large audience or two have seen him perform his last, unfinished act again and even share bows and admirable pleasantries with them. Now is that does not intrigue you, God knows what will. Penitentiary Chapel, Hobart Penitentiary Chapel, Hobart What with the innocent facade of a church, this place is presently being managed by the National Trust of Australia. Enriched with an unhealthy helping of murders and incarceration, this particular place in the out-back has been said to be the most gloom and nasty place for a visit in Australia. Even the history of this seemingly nice church echoes with the screams and sighs of pain of those who were tortured, murdered and God knows what other means of a painful death. Every passageway, every room, every stone in fact tells the tale of the dangerous, unfair happenings that used to take place inside of this place. Though these five are the best of the worst, down under Australia has other places as well which will surely chill you to your bone and make you believe.]]>


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