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Innovative uses of cooktops in modern homes

hobs1Different fuels for different cooktops Traditional cooktops worked exclusively on gas, the modern ones can be purchased to be operated only by gas, by electricity or have provisions for gas as well as electric cooking. Gas cooktops are still the most preferred cooking apparatus because of its efficient heating, which is direct and can be controlled. Electronic cooktop uses radiant or disk heating elements to provide a customized set of heating levels. They are very safe and are good for consistent cooking. eclectic-cooktopsDifferent types of cooktops You can choose from cooktops made of steel, glass or enamel cover. The one special requirement of electric cooktop is that you can only use flat-bottomed utensils on it and you can only use certain types of utensils. The modular cooktops come with gas and/ or electric burners, which can be used for a host of cooking styles including grilling, frying, baking, direct cooking etc. There are halogen cooktops that have ceramic glass surfaces and are enhanced digitally to glow in response to cooking temperatures. These are easy to clean and maintain. Induction cooktops are the most energy-efficient and safest cooktops as they use magnetic fields in the cooking function. They are relatively expensive, but they have the best features among all cooktops. kitchen-cooktopInstalling cooktops Installing cooktops in the kitchen is a tricky affair as safety is the primary concern with them. If you are installing a gas cooktop, then it has to be done next to the gas pipe in the house. In this case, it is important to ensure that the gas pipe is easily accessible and the area around it can be cleaned properly for cleanliness. Some cooktops can be installed onto the kitchen platform directly. These help in conserving space and blending in the cooktop with the kitchen interiors naturally. gas-cooktops-zucvjulzPicking the right cooktop Based on the family size, you can pick a two-burner or a four-burner cooktop. For bachelor pads, there are single burner cooktops too. If you are a camper, you might want to pick up a mobile cooktop that is generally attached to a small gas cylinder. Summary: You can pick cooktops in different colors, materials and sizes as per your kitchen décor. It would be best to measure the space in the kitchen where the cooktop will be placed before making the actual purchase.]]>


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